Fish arrived

In the morning, we visited our friends in Shimosuwa and came back to Kofu.

In the afternoon, I started working.

While I was out, Katya went to a fish shop finally to buy fish; she is so careful in constructing a new environment in the aquarium. First she put soils in the bottom with water and made the water circulated for a couple of days.  She next planted weeds and waited for another couple of days. Then she put three water snails.

After a few more days of waiting, Katya put eight small fish: five neon tetras and three panda corydoras.

Pandas are already active and crawling on the ground. Two neon tetras were swimming strangely with their heads down, which made Katya upset. It seemed to me that they might have aspired some air. If so, they will be OK tomorrow.

We will see whether the two survive.

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