Fetch Maya-san and Go home

We woke up at 8 AM and had a buffet breakfast.

We went out for snorkeling again. It was a pity that the sea was not clear enough.

Although, the picture looks better than those taken yesterday, probably because the flash light did not go this time, and the reflection inside the plastic bag eventually could be avoided.

We returned back to the hotel and took an onsen. The water of the onsen is from the deep ocean and it tastes salty.

Then we left the hotel.

At a fish shop near the port, Katya bought big seashells alive for my parents for a souvenir.  Today is a national holiday, Respect-for-the-Aged Day, too.  They will love them.

We took a boat back to Atami.

Atami from the boat.

Katya drove, and we headed for Gotemba Premium Outlets.

Katya bought a shirt for me.  I bought some Godiva chocolates.  We found a DeLonghi coffee maker and bought it.

We drove all the way to Shimosuwa to see my parents and take Maya-san back.  On the way to Shimosuwa, I bought some grapes for them.

Maya-san was very happy to see us again.  She also seemed to enjoy days and nights at my parents’, looking for, watching, and barking at cats.

Now we are home in Kofu.  We cleaned up and had tea.  We are finishing a Columbo DVD.

It was a long day.

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