Za Cherry Christmas! – December 24, 2011 -

Today is Saturday, December 24, Christmas Eve. I worked till 5:30 PM and finished a paper.

I came back home and directly went to downtown with Katya.

We took a light meal at Starbucks.

Then we went to an art theater, “Sakura-za“, meaning “Theatre (Za) Cherry (Sakura)”, for a Christmas Eve concert “Za Cherry Christmas!”.

The program was given at the entrance.


I like the artistic interior and atmosphere, which Kayta does not care too much.

Bar/Lounge, where people are allowed to smoke freely, brings us back to the 60′s.

The inside of the theater is kept as an old Japanese one for classic plays.

There are two thick, annoying poles left intentionally. Neat!

People on the first floor sit on straw mattresses. Cool!


On the second floor, people sit on a mattress on a wooden box. Economical and ecological!

We chose the second floor this evening.

Audio controllers were located by us.

It is a very small theater; 100 people would fill it up.

Performers today were:

I only new Umezu, but the other musicians played very well.

It was a Jazz-Rock-Fusion-Contemporary concert, yet very funny with much laughter.

I liked Umezu the best, and bought two CDs.

Katya liked the violinist. He was my favorite, too.

We drove back home, talking about the concert.

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