Smart back, Dohshinboh surviving

In the afternoon, we went to Yanase Kofu to receive Smart.

Katya and I were waiting inside till the car was ready.

Katya drove Smart. She was happy to have her favorite car back.

Then we went to Dohshinboh, the Chinese restaurant, for lunch.

To our surprise, and happiness, there were nine more people beside us.


Katya and I have been talking that Dohshinboh might be already on the edge of a bankrupt because we see few customers,  and that we should visit it as often as possible before the time comes.

Hopefully, we might be mistaken.

There are 22 combos, each of which costs only 600 yen.


I was wondering whether we are able to try all the combos, but it seems more probable.

The dishes were good as usual.


We will keep helping Dohshinboh.

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