On-line submission is not an easy job

It is 6:30 PM now.

From 7 AM, I have been working on the final check of the paper for submission to a scientific journal.  The experiments were done by my students.

In the morning, I checked all the details in the paper: spelling, calculations, abbreviations, order of sentences, logic, etc.  In the afternoon, I sent e-mails to coauthors with the manuscript and figures (for the manuscript) attached.  Then I started the on-line submission at 1 PM.

On-line submission sounds easy, but as everybody imagines, it could take time.  The toughest part today was submitting figures.  A PDF file was formed after the submission to check the results, and figures always appeared strange.  I changed formats and sizes and Yes, I finally finished the submission half an hour ago.

Today’s lunch was a bag of “BalanceUp -Creamed Brown Rice Bran – Maple taste”.  I show you the bag opened.

Whatever “Creamed Brown Rice Bran – Maple taste (Maple syrup from Canada)” is , I was not hungry with the energy of only 179 kcal.  Fibers are not digested, and it might have worked?

Tomorrow is Autumnal Equinox Day, a national holiday.  It is good that I finished off the submission.

P.S.  In 30 min, I received an e-mail from the publisher.  The paper was not accepted because the manuscript was not numbered.  I inserted page numbers and resubmitted with a reply to the comment.

I hope everything is OK now.

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