Rainy Holiday

It has been raining all day.

In the morning, the rain was not heavy, so I put a carrier base on the Smart’s roof.  The color had faded, and I sprayed on it.

Before installation

After installation

Katya made a photo blog for herself.  She uploaded more than fifty photos.  Maladez (Good girl), Katya.

In the afternoon, we were just relaxing.  I was reading a magazine on a real estate business.

In the afternoon, we drove out to a pet shop, “Pet Field“.  We bought a dried pig ear.

Then we went to “Nitori“, a furniture shop (like IKEA), to buy a bookshelf for my books for my real estate business. While Katya and I were out, Maya-san was enjoying the pig ear in the car.

From Nitori, we walked to “Kojima“, an electric shop.  We bought a hair clipper; Katya said she will cut my hair with it.  I do not care about haircuts, so the clipper will save time and money.

Katya drove Smart to an ethnic restaurant, “New Mahal“.

“Mahal” used to be a Nepalese/Indian restaurant, but it has changed to “New Mahal” to serve Thai, Korean, and Chinese cuisines, too.  However, we like curries the best.

For dinner this evening, Katya ordered vegetable curry and I, buttered chicken curry.  Both were very good. Chai and lassi went very well with the curries.

The restaurant is owned by a Nepalese family.  I hope they are happy in Kofu.

Katya tried to talk with Natalia, her mother, on Skype, but failed after the automatic upgrade.  I deleted Skype from a computer and Katya reinstalled.  Skype did not work again.

She installed the software in an old computer, and Skype seems to be working on it.  She will try to call Natalia tomorrow.

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