Strawberry Hunting

In the morning, Katya, Maya-san, and I headed for a greenhouse farm, “Dei Kinue Noh-en (Dei Kinue’s Orchard)” for what is called a “strawberry hunt”, picking up strawberries in the greenhouse and eat them there.

There are ten strawberry farms in this area, but we normally visit this one because they cultivate strawberries completely organically with no agrochemical at al, which is extremely uncommon for strawberries.

And they let dogs to eat berries, too.

It is not easy to reserve a “hunt”, because the amount of strawberries for hunting is very limited. In an average, 10 people are allowed in a week to a green house. If you make a reservation, you could be rejected on the day of the arrival (which is stated on the website).

We made it today.

The green houses are not fancy but normal ones for farming.


We sit and pick strawberries to eat.

I held Maya-san in my arms because she would jump and try to eat all the berries.

I gave her some, but she was willing to have much more.

We got full. I do not think they will open this greenhouse at least tomorrow with few berries left.

We naturally skipped lunch.

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