Schedules in China

The professor managing a forum in China finally sent us the information on April 13 and 14, when the forum is be held. Seven Japanese and seven Chinese researchers will be meeting.

Hotel: Hejiangting Hanwen Hotel (合江亭翰文大酒店), Chengdu, Sichuan Province
Registration: April 12 afternoon – April 13 morning, at hotel lobby
Meeting venue: Sichuan University
Lunch & dinner:
April 13 noon, buffet at hotel, sponsored by EVE Energy Co.
April 13 evening, dinner at a restaurant near the hotel, sponsored by EVE Energy Co.
April 14 noon, buffet at hotel, sponsored by EVE Energy Co.

I will be chairing a session on the morning on April 13 and talking on the morning of April 14.

Katya likes Sichuan dishes and is envious. I will buy her some ingredients in Sichuan.

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