Kiyosato on a Sunday in May

Katya and I had breakfast at Gusto, a family restaurant.

I like to have breakfast at a family restaurant.  Not because of the tastes themselves, but the atmosphere, where I commonly read a newspaper.

Katya tends to read a book, too.


After the breakfast, Katya, Maya-san, and I headed for “Utsukushi Mori” in the Kiyosato area.

Cherry blossoms were still in bloom.

This means that the weather is not warm enough for plants yet. Right after we started walking on a hiking path, we found out that spring is only starting in this place.


We climbed up to the monument of Utsukushi Mori, and walked down.


We need to wait for some more time to enjoy hiking around the forests.

We then drove down to “Kiyosato no Mori“.


The grasses were cut short, and it was pleasant to walk around.

This is Maya-san’s favorite place for digging holes.


She could not find a mole, but she enjoyed digging as usual.

We drove back to our apartment in Kofu.

For dinner, Katya and I tried Ruan Thai Morakot for the second time.  We used to go to Lotus, but after being ignored during dinner with Natalia, Katya’s mother, we stopped going there.

Ruan Thai Morakot is a sort of fancy Thai restaurant in Kofu.

It is dark inside with candles, and decorated with Thai ornaments. Romantic atmosphere.


We ordered two bowls of Tom yum goong.


We ordered a spicy papaya salad and a grilled chicken.


All cuisines were good, but the restaurant is meant too fancy. I like the casualty of Thai foods as well as Chinese. However, they took a casualty out from the restaurant and added fanciness and price.

I do not complain the quality of the dishes but this was not what I expect from a Thai restaurant.

Last time, Katya kindly bought a dinner, but when it comes to my time, I felt that this restaurant does not fit me.

We will try a different one.

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