Welcome Party and Cooking Curry

There was a small party at the institute’s dining room. About 20 researchers got together to welcome three new comers. The party started at 6 PM.

They were drinking and having fun. I asked Katya on the phone to come pick me up to Ogino, a super market; I invited my students to a curry dinner the day after tomorrow after my English lesson, and I wanted to buy the ingredients for curry.

Katya arrived before 8 PM with Maya-san. We left the institute for Ogino.

These are the ones I bought for chicken curry.

The most difficult ones to find are spices, which I have already purchased on the internet.

Katya showed my a 5-kg box of peaches she bought this afternoon at a vegetable-fruit shop located by Ogino. The peaches are not yet matured but they will be good and fine in a couple of days. The quality was satisfactory. She asked me how much they cost.

She should not have bought them at a high price, so I told her that I guessed 2,000 yen.

“450 yen”, she said. Boy, that is hard to believe.  I cannot imagine why they did so. Maybe the store tried to show something the customers cannot buy at the next-door Ogino.

It takes hours to make a good curry. This evening, I decided to make an onion paste.

I am writing this article while making the paste. It will be brown and pasty in an hour.

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Hello! I am a scientist running apartments in Tokyo and Yokohama. If you are willing to live in Japan, please get in touch.
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