Trip to see my ex-student in Yamagata prefecture

An ex-student of mine, to whom I tutored French when I was a university student, is now running a small company in Shinjo, Yamagata prefecture. Today, I took a break and visited his firm.

I woke up at 5:30 in the morning. I went to my office to check e-mails. Then, I rode my bike to Kofu Station.

I took an express “Azusa” at 7:24 AM to Tachikawa. In the train, I took a Filet-O-Fish set.

I changed trains and trains and finally took a bullet train from Omiya to Shinjo.


The train once stopped at Fukushima Station, when, I confess, I felt uneasy.

I arrived at the Shinjo Station at 12:38 PM, so it took five hours. The ex-student/present-president came to see me at the station with one of his subordinate. The ex-student  himself drove me to his firm.

It was a small firm with only seven people in all. The I looked around and asked questions. They have small but unique technologies.

The president, two subordinates, and I talked for hours. I was advising them in the scientific and technological view. We once went out to have coffee at a coffee shop. Other than that, we kept talking.

I felt the company seems promising.

After the discussion, they took me back to the station. I took a bullet train leaving at 17:14.

I bought a lunch box.


Yamagata is famous for beef,and I took a beef lunch box. Today, I took all three meals on the train.

I was sleeping in the bullet train.

The train arrive at Tokyo station. I waited for 50 minutes in the station and took an express to Kofu. The express train arrived in Kofu at 23:40.

It rained cats and dogs. No way to ride my bicycle back. I bought an umbrella at a convenience store in front of the station and walked back.

Katya was still awake with Maya-san.

The president gave me boxes of Sake and cherries. I gave them to Katya.


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Hello! I am a scientist running apartments in Tokyo and Yokohama. If you are willing to live in Japan, please get in touch.
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