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Instrument Installation

With Shimadzu guys, we have been working for installing the new instrument into the laboratory. We are using lasers, and the optical system emits fluorescence.  The signals we want, therefore, are hindered. With using optical filters we were trying to get rid of the fluorescence light. We were working till 8 PM. The light was found to be from lenses, joints, and optical cables, so it is difficult to take it off. We will try another method next week.  

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Going to Shimosuwa for the trip to Toba tomorrow

The researchers from Shimadzu have finished the work for this week. They left the lab at 4 PM. They will come again after two weeks. Katya picked me up at 7:20 PM by Smart. For dinner, she drove with me to a sushi restaurant, Tokube, which was full of people.    After dinner, Katya and I came back home, packed the baggage, took Maya-san, and left for my parents’ in Shimosuwa. We will stay one day before going to Toba. Maya-san will be left. It is a pity but she will have some fun, too, with my parents.

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Developing an instrument

Three researchers from Shimadzu came to my lab this morning. They had sent all parts in advance, which arrived at the institute at 10 AM. Then the researchers started to build up the parts to make a new instrument we are developing. The development of this instrument is the aim of our governmental project. At noon, the three researchers, two students and I went to Manpuku Roh for lunch. In the afternoon, they kept building the instrument, and I came back to my office. A sophomore student was waiting for me. He was to present his electronic circuit in front of the teachers for the exam, but he had yet … Continue reading

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First general project meeting in Kyoto

Although I came back from China, my trip was not over. I woke up at 2 AM and rode my bike to my office; today there would be the first general meeting of my project with all the researchers involved in from three universities and three companies. I started preparing my talks with my desktop, which ended at 6 AM. I came back home, saying hello and good by to Katya and Maya-san. I took my bike to the station. I left Kofu at 8 AM for Kyoto. The meeting started at 1 PM at Shimadzu Co. and ended at 4:30 PM. All results presented were good and satisfactory to … Continue reading

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Return to Kofu from Keihanna, Kyoto

In the morning, we took breakfast in the hotel. Students and I checked out from the hotel before 9 AM.   A big sundial is in front of the hotel. A battery charger for battery cars is installed by the hotel.    Keihanna is a science area created some 30 years ago.  Kenhanna Plaza Hotel is the only hotel in this area. It was not very crowded during our stay, but when there is a conference in the halls, it suddenly gets busy. We walked to Shimadzu and worked there till 1:30 PM. We had some good results but found out many problems to be solved. After the experiments, students … Continue reading

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Experiments in Kyoto

I woke up and had breakfast in the hotel. The three students are staying in the same place. We walked together to “Shimadzu Keihanna Laboratory“, where the subleader of my project is working. It took only 10 minutes from the hotel. The Shimadzu researchers have already designed new cells, and the parts for the cells have arrived from manufacturing companies. We brought some other materials to construct the cells together. We started working from 9 AM. We kept working till 5:30 PM. The results were not satisfactory to me; I give B-. The subleader told me that they had reserved dinner for us in a restaurant, Kanseikyo, in our hotel. … Continue reading

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Business Trip to Yokohama

It was rainy in the morning. I took a bus leaving at 7 PM, first to Shinjuku, Tokyo. On Chuo Highway, there was a traffic jam, which made a ride one hour longer. Although I left home earlier than usual, I was a bit anxious. From Shinjuku, I took trains to Myorenji, Yokohama to check an apartment, a studio of which I bought in 2007. Myorenji is the name of a temple in Yokohama. It is just by the train station with the same name. I walked to the apartment of my studio. It took 10 min from Myorenji station. I met a man from the managing company, who explained … Continue reading

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Two-Day Business Trip to Kyoto

Two-day trip to Kyoto. In order to save money, I took buses to there.  It cost 4,600 yen.  If I took trains, it would cost 15,580 yen. The first bus started at 6:20 AM.  It was a small bus with three travelers. We changed buses to a large one. The bus arrived in Kyoto at 12:30 PM. I took lunch and took subways to Shimadzu. The meeting started at 2:30 PM about the new project.  It ended at 5 PM. As was in the last trip, I stayed in Kyoto Kokusai Hotel. On the other side across the street, just in front of the hotel, is Nijo Castle. Inside the … Continue reading

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Business trip to Osaka

In the morning, I bought a news paper to know about the midnight earthquake in the north-east area.  It was a big one, but I did not feel anything in Kyoto.  I took the paper with me to the restaurant and had buffet while reading it. I stayed in my room working till 11 AM, a check-out time.  Then I moved to the hotel lounge. There was a small, pretty garden by the lounge. The hotel was old, but it had some classical taste. I walked out the hotel. It was slightly raining.  I was surprised to see that only one warm night made the cherry blossoms in bloom. From … Continue reading

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Business trip to Kyoto

In the morning, I woke up at 6 AM; it is my business trip today. I sneaked out the apartment to my office, checked e-mails, packed a computer, and left Kofu. I took an express train to Hachioji, a local train to Shin Yokohama, then a bullet train to Kyoto.  In the bullet train at my feet, I found a power source. From Kyoto, I took two local trains to Nishioji Oike.  I arrived at Shimadzu, one of the largest companies for scientific analysis. I discussed about my new project with two researchers there.  We had an enjoyable discussion. I had reserved Kyoto Kokusai Hotel in front of Nijo Castle. … Continue reading

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