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Final Day in Honolulu, Back to Japan

I woke up at 7 AM in the morning. I have no work today. I walked around Hilton Hawaiian Village. There was a tiny zoo in the hotel. I saw penguins in the pool. I walked out to the beach (for the first time in this trip). I went into a small restaurant to have breakfast.    After breakfast, I walked by the beach to see Diamond Head. I walked in the water, too.    Then I walked back to the hotel. This was all my vacation this time. I packed my bags, checked out, and left Hilton at 11 PM. It took 30 min to the airport. After the … Continue reading

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Run for Upgrade!

I woke up 4:30 AM. The bus to Incheon International Airport left the hotel at 5:30 AM. I arrived at the airport at 6:40 AM. I checked in using an automated check-in machine, then I went to Seven-Eleven on the first floor to buy candies to the office workers and my students of the institute. I went through the immigration, and then looked around shops in the airpot to look for souvenirs for Katya. Before the departure, I spent my time in a Sky Team lounge, taking a light breakfast. Then I got on a Delta plane for Honolulu bound for Narita. I took a seat, half asleep. A male … Continue reading

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Dinner with Chinese student

The Chinese student is leaving Japan on August 10. He will then go back to China for the summer vacation to see his parents. Today, I invited the Chinese student, the student who instructed him, and a research associate to a dinner. I chose Ohajiki, a chicken-specialized restaurant, because it is one of the best chicken restaurants in Kofu and that the student is a Chinese Muslim. It is decorated in an old Japanese style.    Beans and Tofu appetizers. I ordered a bottler of Kofu wine, which was good.    Then chickens continued.       Very delicate tastes. Dessert was an icecream. We left the restaurant at 9:30 PM. … Continue reading

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Farewell to Chengdu

I woke up at 5 AM, checked e-mails, got packed, and left the hotel by bus at 6:30 AM for the airport with five other Japanese professors. We arrived a little bit early for the check-in time, so we had breakfast at McDonald’s. They sell rice porridge in China, but I had an egg McMuffin, because I wanted to eat something different. At the entrance of the airport, we found a souvenir shop “旅の佳品”, or “Chosen Goods for Travels”, only selling Japanese goods. On the internet, I found that this shop is run by a Japanese company. The plane left the airport at 9 AM. It was a smooth flight. … Continue reading

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Business trip to Chengdu

In the morning, I attended meetings as usual. I left Kofu for Narita at 12:30 PM and arrived at the airport at 3:30 PM. The ANA plane directly flying  to Chengdu, China, was small and filled with travelers, mostly Chinese. A strong wind blew against the plane, and the body much trembled. It was not a pleasant flight, but the service was much better than that of JAL Cabin attendants were kind enough and helpful. The dinner was simple, standard, and acceptable. Four other members joining the forum were on the same plane, which arrived in Chengdu at 11:30 AM. It was rainy.  The temperature was close to that in … Continue reading

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Katya and Natalia went to Saipan

After lunch at home, I took Katya and Natalia to the station, where they took a bus at 2:15 PM to Narita Airport. The bus arrived at the airport before 6 PM, and the plane left at 8 PM.  They will arrive in Saipan at midnight. They will stay there for four nights.  We will talk on Skype.  I am very much looking forward to hear them.

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