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Dentist after a several years

Yesterday by Arakawa Dam, I bought a bottle of Japanese tea. In addition to tea, the sales lady at the souvenir shop gave me two candies. I crunched them. They were hard and the second one broke my teeth! The teeth itself did not hurt, but it had my cheek inside hurt. There is a dental office in the walking distance from my office. This afternoon, I went to see the dentist after a several years. The dentist filled up the cracks and polished the teeth.  It became smooth and the cheek did not hurt any more. The dentist found another bad teeth. I will visit him next week for the remaining … Continue reading

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Itajiki Gorge, Kofu, Yamanashi, on Sunday

Today is Sunday. In the morning, Katya and I had brunch at Gusto. Then all of us went up the mountain to Itajiki gorge in Kofu, which Katya had happened to find. By the gorge, there was a short hiking course less than a kilometer long. Right after the entrance, Shirokami waterfall welcomed us. Roads were sometimes rocky but mostly pleasant.    At the end of the hiking course, there was Otaki waterfall. The differential level is 30 m; the fall was not huge, but it was worth visiting. The mists made us feel cool. The water from the gorge flows into Arakawa Dam. We came back home. Katya and … Continue reading

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