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Work continues

I came back to my apartment at 6:30 AM. I slept till 7:30 AM. Katya told me that I had snored, but I do not remember if I actually fell into sleep. I took a shower and went to my office. I restarted working. At 9 AM, a company man, subleader of the project arrived at the institute.  We checked and rechecked the schedules and budgets. We worked till 4 PM, and the man went back to Kyoto. I finished different two articles, and came back home at 8 PM. I had dinner with two glasses of wine.  While I was writing this post, I fell into sleep.

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Introductory article and Welcome party

From 7:30 AM, I concentrated myself on finishing an introductory article, without eating lunch.  It was only a five -page article; I finished it at 3 PM. I had some nuts then. I sent the file by e-mail. It will be published in October. From 4:30 to 6:30 PM, we had a meeting on a seminar held at the end of this month, of which I am chairman.  We are getting busier. From 7 to 8 PM, we had a welcome party for a Korean researcher. Since I woke up early this morning and worked hard, I soon got drunk over a single glass of beer. But I feel good.

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Book given, presentation and party ended

In the morning, a book arrived at mine. It was a book, of which I am editor in chief; my name is on the front cover. I wrote a short article, too. This is the first book I edited. I am proud of it. In the afternoon, there was a big meeting, at the institute, of a project I am involved in.  More than 30 people got together in spite of the typhoon, which made trains stopped and delayed. There was an intensive discussion. I carried out a 30-min presentation. I think I did well. In the evening there was a party of those participants. After the meeting, the rain … Continue reading

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Proposal and article submitted

In the morning, I was nervously checking the proposal; today is the last day for submission.  One minute before noon, the very dead line, I submitted the proposal online. I am still nervous whether I submitted the right file. What if I had sent the wrong one?  Everything I did with the other members would be ruined. In the afternoon, I changed my mind and worked on the article for the book.  I finished it, too.  I sent it to the publisher at 7 PM. Katya came to the office to pick me up for the tennis lesson.  Only four students participated today, so we had an intense lesson.  Katya … Continue reading

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Writing an article

I was asked to write an introductory article on a scientific issue for a journal, and the deadline has already passed (one month ago, actually). Today, I received an e-mail and a phone call from the publisher. This evening, I came back home at 7 PM and finished dinner.  I took a nap and now I am in my office. It is 11:30 PM now.  I will finish the article till morning. ———– It is 6:30 AM.  I have sent the files!!

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