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Sunday on June 10, 2012

On a Sunday Morning, Katya and I went to Gusto for breakfast as ususal.  I read a newspaper and Katya a book. Katya, Maya-san, and I drove to “Doryu Waterfall” in Kiyosato. The green was very fresh in early summer.       The fall is not big, but the water streams are delicately separated as if into thin white strings running down. “Waterfalls breathed out by dragon” is an adequate name. Katya got closer to the falls. The air was very fresh. Maya-san has changed in the nature; she looked more serious, relaxing, and independent. After visiting the falls, we dropped by “Kiyosato no Mori” park, too. We came home. … Continue reading

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Spring has come – at least today

In the morning, it was not snowy but rainy.  I did not use the air conditioner in my office during the day time. It seems spring has already come to Kofu. We have been a bit careless lately about coldness; Katya and I felt a slight cold today. Maya-san is wise.  I should not have called her princess.  She kept herself from having a cold. Katya and I went to a Chinese restaurant, Baminyan, to have something warm and spicy for our cold.

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Slow Holiday

We stayed up late.  Katya still had a cold.  I took Maya-san for a walk, and Katya and I went out to take breakfast at Gusto. Maya-san enjoyed a trash party while we were out. Then I was working and Katya took a rest. For a late lunch, we went to Bamiyan, a Chinese restaurant. Maya-san enjoyed a trash party while we were out.  She was scolded twice in one day. Maya-san is the one who really wants to enjoy the holiday together.

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Katya’s new weapon not fired

In the morning, we went to Kiyosato no Mori to play tennis.  Maya-san was with us.  Katya was looking forward to trying her new racket.  It was rainy and foggy in the mountain.  No way. We came down to Oka no Koen.  The rain got weaker, but the hard court was still too wet. We drove further down to a private tennis court.  It was not rainy, but the clay courts were not available because of the rain till morning, while the indoor tennis court costs 6,300 yen per hour.  No way. We made a telephone call to a tennis club we know of, and an indoor court cost 5,250 … Continue reading

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