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Rain in Hokkaido, Tohoku, and Kofu

My parents have come back from a five-day trip around Hokkaido and Tohoku. They did not take planes but took trains all the way. I called my mother on the phone. They seemed to have enjoyed the trip. Unfortunately, it was raining during their whole trip, she said. In the evening in Kofu, it started raining cats and dogs. When I was about to leave the office back home, the rain stopped, so I rode a bike. It started raining again on the way back home. I got all wet.

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Quick business trip to Ichigaya, Tokyo on Saturday

Today is Saturday. I took a bike to Kofu Station for taking a train to Tokyo; I was going to talk with a company man about a new electrical leakage breaker, which should decrease the electricity cost of the apartment in Nakaochiai. I took a train starting at 12:11 PM. I had bought a hamburger “Le Grand” at McDonald’s. ”Le Grand“ is a Frenchy hamburger based on “Le M” sold in France. I tried it on the train. It was not for me.  I did not like the bans and sausage. I prefer Big Mac. I arrived in “Ichigaya” at 2 PM. I met the guy and talked for 30 min in … Continue reading

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Two business meetings in Tokyo

I left my apartment at 4 AM for my office in the institute. I checked my e-mails, finished working with some documents, and went to Kofu station by bike for two meetings scheduled to be held in Tokyo. Since Marunouchi line in Tokyo was not running till 9 AM, because of an electricity break down, I arrived at the first place in Shinjuku 20 minutes late. There, I carried out some experiments using the Russian instrument I am interested in. I explained the information I needed to Russian and Japanese operators of the instrument. Then they started the experiments. I was there with them and left the building at 2 AM. … Continue reading

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A busy day

In the morning, I had a meeting starting at 9 AM. About 20 students and teachers discussed about the researches students perform. From 10:30 AM, I started working on the payments of my project, adding those from 5 institutes. I had no time and did not go home for lunch. I bought a lunch box at seven-eleven. From 2 PM, professors and researchers from an automobile company had a meeting. At 3 PM, I finished two documents for the students’ graduation. At 5 PM, students and I had a meeting for my project. From 6 to 7 PM, I taught students English. I left the office at 8 PM. I … Continue reading

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Lamborghini not repaired yet

In the morning, I happened to meet the lady who hit my Lamborghini (and me) yesterday. She looked so sorry. I said it was not a big thing.  She asked me to have it repaired, and  said that she will pay for it. I said thank you. However, it was a busy day today. The morning meeting lasted till 1 PM. I had another meeting from 3 to 4 PM. I did not return home for lunch, nor did I take the bike to a bike shop. Meanwhile, I prepared everything ready for the 16-day trip of my parents in the Izu peninsula. I reserved the hotels and finished travel … Continue reading

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Rainy Saturday

It has been raining all day today, although it is not heavy; I rode my bike to my office and on the way back home. I am still preparing a proposal for the new project. After I came back home from the work, Katya and I made spaghetti together; Katya made a sauce and I, boiled spaghetti. It is still raining.  We are thinking how to persuade Maya-san to go out for a walk.

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