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Lost and Found, and Seminar, and Lost

Last night, I found out that I had left my glasses on board. I called to the airline company this morning after they started working. They kept the glasses.  It was lucky that I stayed in Narita, eventually. The hotel shuttle took me to the airport from the hotel. At the airport, the temperature was above 25 C. No wonder I sweated. I went up to the ticket-selling desk, as I had been told, and received the glasses. Lucky me! Then I took a bus to Shinjuku, Tokyo, not to Kofu, in order to attend a real estate seminar  at Hilton Tokyo, given  for the representatives of apartments.  This free seminar was held … Continue reading

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Staying in Narita

Travel to Narita via Detroit was OK. I slept well in the planes. The plane arrived safely in Narita. I am now staying at ANA Crown Plaza Narita; there will be held a real estate seminar in Tokyo tomorrow.  Since hotels in Narita are very cheap, I decided to stay one night. The room is clean and comfortable. I do not have a heavy jet lag. I will be perfect tomorrow.

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Leaving Boston Airport

I left the hotel at 9;30 AM. Although I took a wrong bus, I managed to arrived at the airport. The weekly pass was very useful in Boston.     Near the departure gate, I took an early lunch at Panda Express, a Chinese fast food restaurant. Now, people started to get on board. Bye-bye, Boston.  I did not see you much, but I liked you.

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Rainy day in Boston

I got out from the hotel to find out that it was heavily raining. I took a taxi to the conference venue. The rain stopped and started. In the evening, it became foggy.    I will be leaving for Japan tomorrow.

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Another relaxing but sleepy day

I took breakfast in a restaurant in the hotel.  I took a buffet.    There were not many choices, but boy, weren’t they good! I was looking for a simple American breakfast with bacon and eggs and juice and coffee.  I had exactly what I wanted. The bacon was crispy and rich and  apparently not healthy; this is what I was looking for.  Sausages were juicy,too. Then I went to join the conference at Westin. It was the sleepiest day since I came here, but with a good feeling that I do not have to talk any more. I did not take lunch, knowing that it was not needed, except … Continue reading

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Rather relaxing day

I woke up in the morning and got out of my room.    I took a walk around the hotel. There was a small, cozy park just in front of the hotel. I found a cathedral.    I looked for a restaurant for breakfast. I found a Starbucks, so I took a coffee and a sandwich outside; the temperature was still high enough to go without a sweater. The I took trains to Westin for listening to the talks. For lunch, I walked to the South Station, because I the atmosphere pleased me. I took a Chinese dish out and had it in the station. In the afternoon, I continued listening … Continue reading

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Plenary talk successful

My talk started at 11:25 AM.  I had to finish my talk in 35 minutes for the questions, and I had to shorted the last part.  Other than that, it was successful. I answered the questions with no problem. Everybody came to tell me he enjoyed my talk. So I became happy, although I was half asleep. I took lunch with an American professor, whose lab I worked at during the sabbatical.  It was more than 5 years ago.  He was healthy but I felt he became older. In the afternoon, I nodded during the conference.  I am sorry but I could not help it. In the evening, five professors … Continue reading

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Preparing for the talk tomorrow

I woke up at 3 PM. In order to freshen me up, I got out of the hotel. I walked up to the South Station.       The station is preserved neatly. There were a lot of food shops inside. I bought two pieces of pizza and a sprite. In the middle of the station was a bookstore. It looked classic and very nice.    Then I walked back to the hotel. After coming back to the hotel, I started working on my presentation, which was chosen as a plenary talk, my first one in my career. I brought two computers, because my PowerPoint file for the presentation, with many … Continue reading

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Arriving in Boston

In the plane from Narita, I slept; luckily, they did not have an on-demand video system on board. I arrived first in Detroit.  I took lunch there.    Then I took a tram to the South Terminal in the airport. I took a plane to Boston from the terminal. I slept in the plane, too. After arriving in Boston, I took a taxi to the hotel, Westin Boston Waterfront, where the conference will be held. The room was old but clean.    In the bath room, there is only a shower with no bath tab. I wish there were a bath tab only for today. After taking a shower, I … Continue reading

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Business trip to Boston

I worked all night in my office, after the horrible dinner, for a conference in Boston. I came back home at 8 AM.  Katya drove me to Kofu station, where I took a bus. I am in Narita Airpor nowt.    I am leaving in one hour.

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