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New instrument is coming

I have been interested in a Russian instrument for my new experiments. Luckily, we got a budget for an instrument with the same function. The exact company has not been decided; a couple of them are expected to give us presentations of their own. The Russian instrument has a probability, too, because the instrument possesses many unique experimental modes. Two professors and I checked a room for the installation. The room was OK for the expected experiments. The choice of the company (and the precise instrument) should be made in June. Tomorrow, I will explain the specifications for the instrument.

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Mostly document writing

I have sent the research schedules and budget plans of my project to the government. However, the bureaucrat asks me to modify them on and on. It is just a bureaucratic, meaningless work, but I did it a whole day. It is so annoying, but I have to do it. I wish I had an assistant.  

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Arrogant bureaucrat

For lunch, Katya and I walked to New Mahal for a curry buffet. During the lunch time, they do not make curries hot. Other than that, the buffet was satisfactory. After lunch, I talked with the bureaucrat about the project budgets. He talked in a very typical arrogant bureaucratic way, which made me very irritated. How can a person be so arrogant (and I know that he does not consider him as arrogant)? In the evening, Katya and I played tennis. I hit balls as if they were him.

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Getting relaxed

I woke up at 4 AM to work on the budgets and schedules. I worked at the office, and at 8 PM, I submitted the files on line.  It was a relief. At 11 AM, I received a phone call from the funding office.  A man on the phone told me that he had received the documents.  Then he started talking about things very tedious: different fonts, centering of the words, positions of numbers, etc.  He talked in such a typical bureaucratic way that I was a bit irritated. Anyway, I made notes on what he said, and right after the talk, I started revising the files. It took several … Continue reading

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Budgets ending

I slept well last night over glasses of wine. I woke up at 7:30 AM and took Maya-san out for a walk.  Then I went to school. I worked all day today.  The project schedules and budgets are almost set. I finished dinner and am watching Wozniacki vs. Gajdosova in Toray Pan Pasific Tennis.  I will work a bit more tonight.

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Work continues

I came back to my apartment at 6:30 AM. I slept till 7:30 AM. Katya told me that I had snored, but I do not remember if I actually fell into sleep. I took a shower and went to my office. I restarted working. At 9 AM, a company man, subleader of the project arrived at the institute.  We checked and rechecked the schedules and budgets. We worked till 4 PM, and the man went back to Kyoto. I finished different two articles, and came back home at 8 PM. I had dinner with two glasses of wine.  While I was writing this post, I fell into sleep.

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Budgets, Budgets, Budgets

Today is Sunday. I woke up at 9:30 AM after the busy 2-night journey. I had breakfast with Katya and Maya-san and went to my office to work on the budgets.  The bureau asked us to send them tomorrow. Katya and I had lunch at 3 PM at Gusto. Then I started working again. At 9:30 PM, Katya, Maya-san and I had a walk. Then I started working again. I will stay at the office tonight.

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Katya’s Interest at the moment

I am working on the schedules and budgets and a small piece of paper. At 2 PM, I showed two professors from USA around the lab.  From 3 to 5 PM, they had lectures. When I came back home, Katya was with Maya-san and a laptop. She is so interested in tablets.  I was surprised because I was thinking Katya is a person who is not attracted to those electronic devices; so was she herself. Today, while she was not working, she went to Yamada electronic shop.  She said Apple and Toshiba interest her. I do not think she needs one, but it seems she is having fun (?).

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Budgets and Schedules

The distribution of budgets among the organizations have been decided. I asked them to make their research plans from October this year to March next year. The budget of the fiscal year 2011 was reduced because of the earthquake. We did get a big fund. We need to use it wisely and properly. It rained in the evening. Katya and Maya-san came to the office to pick me up. I brought  egg plants an office manager gave me as he did last year. I watched “Into the storm“, a story about Winston Churchill. Katya and I hardly understand what is spoken, but fortunately, I read subtitles in Japanese. It is … Continue reading

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Driving back to Kofu

The government asked me to prepare budget plan for the new project.  The deadline was set September 26.  We have very limited time. The reason we have only two weeks is because of the earthquake; the submission of the proposal was extended for one month, but the projects start on October 1 as usual. The sub leader of the project, a researcher working for a company, suggested me to meet at 2 PM in Kofu, which I agreed. I woke up at 6 AM this morning, but it was too early. I slept again and woke up at 8:30 AM! Too late for the departure. I took a shower, had … Continue reading

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