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Bureaucrats came to check the purchases

At 1:30 PM, two bureaucrats came to our institute to check whether I have been using my money properly for the project. The office workers took care of them. The visitors said I am doing OK, except for some minor issues. We all were relieved. It is rainy this evening. The temperature got lower. All cherry blossoms must be falling off now.

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kick-off meeting for the project successfully ended

In the morning, I was preparing for the kick-off meeting. The meeting started at 1:30 PM.  Three governmental bureaucrats arrived.  In all, there were 26 people. I was chairing the meeting. I gave a talk about the general purpose of the project and the research plans. I also gave a small talk about what to do in our institute under my supervision. The meeting ended at 5 PM. Then I gave a tour of the institute. The three bureaucrats went back to Tokyo by taxi. I think the meeting was successful, but I do not know how they felt because they are bureaucrats. Rest of the members moved to Sadoya … Continue reading

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Getting ready for the kick-off meeting

On Tuesday, November 8, there will be a kick-off meeting for my project. It is close. I was working on it. The project members as well as bureaucrats will be joining. Although it is simply a ceremony, I hope it goes well.

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