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Mariya crawls

Mariya is getting good at crawling. Katya showed her on skype to her parents using iPhone.    She came and bit the string attached to my camera. She likes strings and cords these days.

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iPhone returns

In the morning, Katya sent me a mail, telling that the iPhone is already delivered to me. After coming back home, I opened the box. There was a note inside the box; my iPhone was renewed. It cost only 4,400 yen because I was enrolled in the AppleCare Protection Plan. I was not very glad to get a new one because I like using machines for a long time, as I tried to do for my Nikon camera. After a meal, Mariya sits on her own chair. I am glad she doesn’t mind keeping herself on it.

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Sunday lunch at “Ryu” in Koshu city

On Friday, two  tickets arrived from Srarbucks coffee Japan, of which I am a stock holder. They have been sending me the complementary tickets once a year, which can be used for any drink served there. After taking Maya-san out for a walk, it started raining. Katya and I went to Starbucks for breakfast. Katya ordered milk chai and I caramel macchiato. After breakfast, Katya and I came back to take a rest for a while, and went our again leaving Maya-san home. First we went to Kojima electric shop to buy some batteries. One is used for a cordless phone handset, two for my camera and the smallest two … Continue reading

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Camera completely broken

I bought this camera for Katya.  I have been using this camera since I started this blog. Today, it does not work at all. It is a pity. I need to give it up. Tomorrow, I will go to Tokyo. I will get one.

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Camera found on March 9

I arrived in my office in the morning to find my camera on the desk.  I did not remember how I put it on.  Maybe, I was checking the camera not to forget bringing it to the final lecture. Anyway, I took pictures of roses that I had delivered last evening and mimosas that I found on the way back from Tokyo.  

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