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Curry party

In the morning, I brought a full pot of curry to the institute’s dining room by mini, and put it in the refrigerator. After my English lesson, I started a curry party in the dining room. I invited nine students, including the Chinese student from France,  and one young researcher not yet married. I had asked students to buy some drinks and nan at New Mahal. The party started after 6:30 PM. It was a pleasant dinner with a lot of conversation. They seemed to enjoyed the curry. It is a pity I forgot to take pictures. Maybe I will make them chili in winter.

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Constitution Day in Shimosuwa

Today is Constitution Day. I worked in the morning. At 3:30 PM, we left for Shimosuwa with Russian soup, salad, and Chili. We arrived at my parents’ before dinner.  Anju, my sister’s dog, was there to welcome us. Mom prepared a wooden tub of sushi rice with a variety of ingredients sprinkled on. It became a big dinner. Maya-san was enviously watching us.

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Working before Shimosuwa and Hatsushima

Katya, Maya-san, and I are planning to see my parents tomorrow. The day after tomorrow, Katya and I will leave for Hatsushima (sorry, Maya-san. Have a buffet time in Shimosuwa with my parents). So I continuously worked. Tomorrow morning, I will work, and this is it. Even, in the evening, I cooked chili con carne, which we will bring to my parents’. Katya will bring some Russian dishes, too.

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First Snow in Kofu and Chili Cooking

It was cold last night.  I had a slight cold.  In the morning, we found the first snow in Kofu, 5 mm in depth. So we lazily got up late and stayed home except for Maya-san’s walks. After the breakfast, I started cooking chili, which I was not able to do yesterday.  I took enough time to prepare today.   It was a success.  Nothing can be complained. We both took three bowls.  We got so full.

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Helping Student’s Presentation

Today’s Saturday.  Katya went to see her friend in Minami Alps city, while I worked. I the morning, I felt I had a cold. At 5 PM, I was finishing my work, when a Ph. D. student came to my office with a confused look.  He is to take the oral Ph. D. dissertation on Monday, but he was not confident. So, we went to a hall for a rehearsal.  We commented on some points.  It finished after 7 PM. I was planning to cook chili this evening but had no time now.  Katya waited for me at Gusto and I joined her. I think he will be OK on … Continue reading

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Late autumn

Leaves are falling down from the trees in the garden in front of my office building. I finished revising the paper and have sent it to the society by e-mail. For dinner, I cooked fettuccine imported from Italy with a basil source.  The dish was a bit too salty, so having  Chilian Merlot was not a bad idea. During diner, Katya told me that one of the teachers in her English school is quitting because of the administration issues.  She was really upset. I recommended Katya to invite her once to our apartment.

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Chili successful

Katya was out teaching this evening. While she was at work, I tried to cook chili again. This time, I used enough tomatoes. Although we could not find kidney beans, the taste was not only good, but also of genuine chili. Katya came back at 9:30 PM. We enjoyed it together.

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Papers accepted, submitted, and chili con carne

One of the most important  jobs in universities is writing papers. Even if you perform an excellent experiment, it will not be accepted as a scientific fact without a publication. Today, I received an e-mail notice saying the paper I had revised was accepted for publication in a scientific journal.  It is good.  I have been sitting on a chair for days in front of a computer.  My back and shoulders are stiff.  My effort is rewarded. I was preparing another paper, and it is done. I submitted it online this evening.  I hope it will be accepted, soon. On Fridays, Katya sometimes works late.  Today, I perpared chili con carne while she was … Continue reading

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