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Katya is back in Kofu

Katya called me from Narita Airport before 3 PM. She safely arrived back. She said she was going to take a bus to Kofu leaving at 4:20 PM. At 8 PM, Maya-san and I picked up Katya at Kofu Station. Wasn’t Maya-san excited! Katya looked very healthy and stronger than when she had left Kofu in the mid of the heat. Oh, I was glad to see her smile. It was a short trip but it was worth for her. Katya brought chocolates. Chocolates in Russia is delicate and good. Katya also brought a bottle of kvass. I had kvass when I first visited her in Vladivostok. The taste reminded … Continue reading

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Chocolates again and Farewell Party #2

A bachelor student of mine, who traveled in Australia, came back and brought me a box of chocolates for a souvenir. He seemed to have enjoyed his graduation trip. This evening, another research group I am involved in invited me to a graduation party at Domadoma near Kofu Station. There were about 20 students.    The party started at 7:30 PM, and I left it at 8:40 PM. The graduation is scheduled on March 22. New students are coming from April.

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Student’s souvenir from Italy

A master degree student came back from his trip to Italy. He brought me a box of chocolates. It could be the first time to be given Italian chocolates for a souvenir. I opened the box. It was a fig chocolate, with a rich taste. The student is now analyzing and arranging his data before his graduation.

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