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New Computer

We have much rain these days.  Today, it rained this evening. Katya’s roses are growing.  She makes ornaments out of the flowers. I brought a new laptop computer for my job.  The left one is our newest, and the right one, the newest for the job. I was asked to give a lecture on June 3, so that will be the first time to use it for my job.

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Busy Winter Days

I have almost done with my student’s thesis.  That makes me feel a bit relieved. It has not snowed yet, but Kofu is cold now.  These are pictures taken in a garden in front of my office. I am using Gateway and Katya, HP now, because Katya’s dictionary does not work well on Gateway.  She now only uses Gateway for Skype. Oh, I am a little sleepy.

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Make it Wireless

I am using an HP and Kayta, a Gateway. Katya’s Gateway was not wireless, and she felt inconvenient.  Yesterday, I called to the internet company and made Gateway wireless.  Now, Gateway is newer and faster and wireless. It is raining in Kofu today.  It is snowing on the mountains.  Winter vacation is coming.

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Street Cleaning, mini, RAMs, Tennis, Freshwater Crams, and Wine

It was a busy Saturday. In the morning from 7:30 AM, three guys in our apartment house, including me, went out on the street and joined in cleaning the streets with 30 other people.  In small cities and towns, not to mention villages, traditional societies still survive.  They help each other to make the society better.  I prefer city lives and it annoys me in fact, but as an outsider, I respected the tradition. Then I had my mini taken away for the bianual inspection.  It will come back in a week. During the lunch time, I installed two 1-G RAMs into our new computer.  It became noticably fast. After finishing my work, we … Continue reading

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Papers accepted, submitted, and chili con carne

One of the most important  jobs in universities is writing papers. Even if you perform an excellent experiment, it will not be accepted as a scientific fact without a publication. Today, I received an e-mail notice saying the paper I had revised was accepted for publication in a scientific journal.  It is good.  I have been sitting on a chair for days in front of a computer.  My back and shoulders are stiff.  My effort is rewarded. I was preparing another paper, and it is done. I submitted it online this evening.  I hope it will be accepted, soon. On Fridays, Katya sometimes works late.  Today, I perpared chili con carne while she was … Continue reading

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Narita Airport

Katya was angry with me yesterday, because I was thinking of leaving on Sunday, but yesterday afternoon, I found out that it was TODAY, SATURDAY.  Katya set up schedules on Saturday, and all had gone. I felt sorry. I helped her set up her new computer, so I did something. I took trains from Kofu to Narita airport. Now it is 2:15 PM.  I am in a lounge waiting for the plain leaving at 3:50 PM to LA. Bon voyage to me.  See you in Vegas.

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New Friend Arrived

I am posting with Katya’s new computer. Katya will use it from today.

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I used to be a Mac user; I owned 512, Plus, SE30, II upgraded to IIfx, Portable, and PB100.  When I left Sendai to Kofu, I threw them away.  I regret it. Followings are the ones I have in our apartment now. This sony still works.  Katya sometimes uses to talk to Russia on Skype. I brought a Mac and an HP to Illinois in 2005. The HP still is the main machine at home till today, but its microphone has been broken. I bought this second-hand Toshiba for my real estate job. This is for my school job.  I will bring it to Las Vegas. Tomorrow, we are expecting … Continue reading

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Laptop broken

We are using an HP nx9010. It used to be one of the best laptops, and it still runs fast.  The screen is bright and clear. I am very proud of keeping this computer in a good condition. However, the microphone system was broken, which made Skype malfunction.  It is a disastrous situation for Katya, who occasionaly calls to her family  in Russia. I called to HP to find out that they will not repair them anymore after 5 years of their sales.  So I will find an alternative one for her. I do not hesitate buying one, but it is a pity that they do not fix it, although … Continue reading

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Rainy Holiday

It has been raining all day. In the morning, the rain was not heavy, so I put a carrier base on the Smart’s roof.  The color had faded, and I sprayed on it. Katya made a photo blog for herself.  She uploaded more than fifty photos.  Maladez (Good girl), Katya. In the afternoon, we were just relaxing.  I was reading a magazine on a real estate business. In the afternoon, we drove out to a pet shop, “Pet Field“.  We bought a dried pig ear. Then we went to “Nitori“, a furniture shop (like IKEA), to buy a bookshelf for my books for my real estate business. While Katya and … Continue reading

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