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Sunday on June 10, 2012

On a Sunday Morning, Katya and I went to Gusto for breakfast as ususal.  I read a newspaper and Katya a book. Katya, Maya-san, and I drove to “Doryu Waterfall” in Kiyosato. The green was very fresh in early summer.       The fall is not big, but the water streams are delicately separated as if into thin white strings running down. “Waterfalls breathed out by dragon” is an adequate name. Katya got closer to the falls. The air was very fresh. Maya-san has changed in the nature; she looked more serious, relaxing, and independent. After visiting the falls, we dropped by “Kiyosato no Mori” park, too. We came home. … Continue reading

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Waterfalls breathed out by dragon

We went to Kiyosato today. Reckless Maya-san looking down from a bridge. “Doryu no Taki” or “Doryu Waterfall” is the one we like.   Since Maya-san’s leg was a bit weak today, we did not go up for a hiking.  It would have been wonderful up there. We drove to “Kiyosato no mori“.  Katya took many pictures. Maya-san did her job. For dinner, Katya and I used a 19% discount coupon at “Tokube”. Then we played tennis for one hour in “Yamanashi Youth Center“. It was a busy weekend again.  Tomorrow, I leave for Nagoya for a business trip.

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