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“Starsky & Hutch” and “10 Items or Less”

When I came home, “Starsky & Hutch” was on TV. It was a very famous American TV drama and was broadcast in Japan, too, but I had no chance to watch it.  This one on TV tonight was a movie, not a drama, but I did not mind. I felt  lucky to touch a history. After the drama, “10 Items or Less” was on. I happened to see the last part of the movie yesterday and wanted to see the former part. So I felt lucky again. After watching ”10 Items or Less”, I checked out ”Starsky and Hutch” on the internet. The movie was a completely new one, and the  actors … Continue reading

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Cherry Blossoms and House. M.D. Season 6

After a late taco lunch, Katya and I took Maya-san to Midorigaoka Sports Park. On Takeda street, cherry blossoms were in full bloom. In Midorigaoka Sports Park, the blossoms were beautiful, too.    In the evening, Katya and I unintentionally watched House M.D., which started this spring in Japan. We once lost our interest when less attractive actors joined the team. Then House himself became losing his controls in perceiving the reality. Season 6 started with House in a psychiatric hospital. He was acting in his selfish ways as usual, and we thought it would be boring. However, House became accepting his weakness and agreed to accept the treatments. We got attracted by the drama. … Continue reading

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Day after Holiday

The day after holiday is always busy.  Considerable people work on holidays and send me e-mails to be found on the following day! Plus, I had not finished some work due today, so I left home at 6 AM.  It was cold on bike.  Actually, it was the coldest day this winter. I  have finished what I had to do. Chris commented and recommended us to watch “How I Met Your Mother”.  Unfortunately, the DVDs are not available in rental shops, so Katya and I chose “House M.D.“  It is a good drama, although we do not understand what the diseases are even with subtitles.

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Now is Bean time

After dinner, watching FRIENDS was a good idea.  But we watched it three times.  We watched Columbo twice, so something else must be found now. Katya was thinking of Brothers and Sisters, but she found the plot in Wikipedia and lost her interest in renting the DVDs. We chose Mr. Bean.  Actually, we saw it once, but twice is OK. Now we are finishing Bean, too.  What should we watch next?

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dramas for us – continue

Temperature was up to 36 C, amazingly stable everyday. In spite of the heat, our veranda is full of roses.  I show you another photo. When Katya and I watch TV or videos, or go to see the movies together, there are some linguistic points not essential but preferable, as stated yesterday.  1) English comprehensible without strong accents or slang.  2) English subtitles welcome, even if the actors speak English. American TV dramas on DVD do fit the criteria.  We enjoyed watching “House” but stopped watching it because of the less attractive actors from Season 4.  “HEROS” soon got too complicated. “FRIENDS” is OK, and we are on our second … Continue reading

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Most-Viewed TV program, Summer 2010

It’s “GeGeGe no Nyobo (GeGeGe’s Wife)” on NHK, a daily 15-minute drama broadcast twice a day from Monday to Saturday. The story is about the wife and family of Shigeru Mizuki, a manga author.  He is truly great, and I loved his mangas. I try to watch it twice a day (but normally fail to watch once). Two Russian ladies seem not interested in the drama. The story is based on an autobiography of Nunoe Mura, the wife. The movie based on the story will be on the screen this fall, and hopefully, Muravej’s wife will be joining him.

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