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Abstract submission for a conference in Korea

I was invited to a conference in Korea held this summer. I had not submitted my CV, photo, title of the talk, and abstract. Nothing. One of the reasons I stayed in my office is to finish them, which I did. I sent the CV, photo, and the title by e-mail, and submitted online the abstract. The confirmation e-mail arrived. I am tired, yes, but it is a good feeling.

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Day after the vacation

Busy. I checked e-mails. I finished a report on the forum in China, which will be published in a society journal. I was invited to a conference in Korea in August, but the abstract was not finished yet. And other things to be done.

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Two business meetings in Tokyo

I left my apartment at 4 AM for my office in the institute. I checked my e-mails, finished working with some documents, and went to Kofu station by bike for two meetings scheduled to be held in Tokyo. Since Marunouchi line in Tokyo was not running till 9 AM, because of an electricity break down, I arrived at the first place in Shinjuku 20 minutes late. There, I carried out some experiments using the Russian instrument I am interested in. I explained the information I needed to Russian and Japanese operators of the instrument. Then they started the experiments. I was there with them and left the building at 2 AM. … Continue reading

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Real-estate meetings in Tokyo and Tokube dinner

There were two real-estate meetings , for which, I went to rainy Tokyo. The first one, starting from 1 PM,  was held in Shinjuku for the management of the apartment in Shibakoen.  There were four attendees who are the staffs of the owners’ union, including me. We talked about exchanging light bulbs into LEDs, a bicycle parking, and the modifications of the rules of the owners’ union. It ended at 2:30 PM. I rushed to the next meeting in Honancho for the management of the apartment in Nakaochiai, the representative of the owners’ union of which is me. I talked with a new  internet provider for the new service and … Continue reading

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Monday is always busy

E-mails come during the weekend, or people send e-mails that they did not send during the weekend when Monday comes. So Monday morning is not a very pleasant time to open up the mail box. I received abstracts for the meeting in China, and I had to arrange them in order. For my research project, the office asked me to prepare another documents. I need to prepare documents for the graduating students. And so on. I did not come back home for lunch and kept working. I finished lots of the works and happily went left the office.  

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