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Annular eclipse of the sun

On the evening of the day before yesterday, I saw shadow plates for the sun eclipse in a convenience store.  ”But Katya might have bought them”. Katya said she had not bought ones, so I thought I would buy a couple the next day. However, I forgot to buy them; when I went to convenient stores in the evening yesterday, I could not find them any more. Next annular eclipse will not be seen for more than 300 years in Japan. I would probably not see it any more. At 6 AM this morning, the sky was dim with clouds. “Hey, it was wise I did not buy them.” However, … Continue reading

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Total Lunar Eclipse

It was a beautiful day. From Kofu city, Mt. Fuji was clearly seen. For dinner, Katya and I went to Tokube. Extra wasabi, or horse radish, is something we do not miss.   I had a crab miso soup, too. Yellowtails are good in winter. We were expecting a lunar eclipse starting at 9:45 PM. It would be a total eclipse after 11 years. I had a slight cold and left Katya take pictures. She was taking these photos continuously.       It was mysterious. The hide of the moon should continue for 50 min, but we came in to our apartment to avoid the coldness. I had a hot … Continue reading

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