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Mosquitoes bite me in my office

It is hot everyday, but we do not use air conditioners for saving electricity.  An electric fan was provided in every office. In my office, I widely open the windows and the door. Mosquitoes come in in spite of the anti-mosquito incense, mainly from the door. I might buy another machine to put in front of the door.

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anti-mosquito incense after the earthquake

My office is by the garden.  In summer, it becomes insects’ paradise. After the earthquake, the electricity must be saved this summer.  Using air conditions must be avoided especially on the hottest days. I need to open the windows then.  Although there are window nets to prevent insects into the office, mosquitoes inevitably come in. So I bought a device to produce anti-mosquito incense. I opened the windows with nets all day today.  No mosquito bites. Now, the problem will be the heat.  Kofu, surrounded by mountains, could be hottest in Japan. I will wear shorts and a T-shirt.

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March 30, 2011, a stable day

Electricity has been supplied these days in Kofu.  Probably, Tokyo Electric Power Co. will be providing electricity at least till April 3 as planned. Aftershocks are getting fewer and smaller in the north-east area. Foods and water have been contaminated in Fukuoka Fukushima.  Farmers would not be able to sell their products from there.  In Kofu, foods got more expensive, but not drastically. Gasoline is supplied daily in Kofu.  It is not very expensive yet.  In the north-east area, gasoline started to be sold daily, too. Spring has come.  Cherry blossoms are in bloom. Yearly festival in April was canceled at Takeda Shrine.  Two conferences in March I was planning … Continue reading

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