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Russian instrument and presents

An instruction started today of the new Russian instrument I had chosen.  It seems to be a good one. In the evening, I taught English to some students in the institute. After the lesson, they gave presents to Mariya; a towel and clothes. I passed them to Katya. Towels are always useful for a baby.

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Preparing a paper for submission

I want to submit a paper before going to a conference in Hawaii, so I am working on it. The paper is being prepared with a collaboration of an American professor. Working with him makes me recognize that I am not a native English speaker, anyway. I can make my researches understood in English accurately enough, but it is more like a manual (and it is important, too). His English is vivid. Probably, this would not be learned any more. Anyway, after an evening nap, I will go to my office and work overnight.  

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Upgraded Me

In the morning, I was working in my office for the invited talk in a conference held in Seoul from August 16 to 18 At 2:30 PM, I said good bye to Katya and Maya-san, leaving for Narita Airport. I arrived at the airport at 5:30 PM. I was then working in the lounge. When I was about to be on board, I handed my boarding pass to a man. The man scanned it on a machine, and a red light on the machine lit.  Did I do something wrong? “Thank you for flying Delta. You are upgraded to the Business Class”. This happened to me for the first time. … Continue reading

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Curry party

In the morning, I brought a full pot of curry to the institute’s dining room by mini, and put it in the refrigerator. After my English lesson, I started a curry party in the dining room. I invited nine students, including the Chinese student from France,  and one young researcher not yet married. I had asked students to buy some drinks and nan at New Mahal. The party started after 6:30 PM. It was a pleasant dinner with a lot of conversation. They seemed to enjoyed the curry. It is a pity I forgot to take pictures. Maybe I will make them chili in winter.

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Welcome Party and Cooking Curry

There was a small party at the institute’s dining room. About 20 researchers got together to welcome three new comers. The party started at 6 PM. They were drinking and having fun. I asked Katya on the phone to come pick me up to Ogino, a super market; I invited my students to a curry dinner the day after tomorrow after my English lesson, and I wanted to buy the ingredients for curry. Katya arrived before 8 PM with Maya-san. We left the institute for Ogino. These are the ones I bought for chicken curry. The most difficult ones to find are spices, which I have already purchased on the … Continue reading

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Chinese student works with me

Two lectures on Tuesday as usual. When I was about to leave after the first class, a Malaysian girl student came to ask a question of me. After the explanation, I asked her how much she understands my lecture. “30%”. Gee, I was disappointed! Of course, I expected a little more than that. I hope it should not be because of my English, or, should I wish so? Anyway, I have some more chances of recovery. After the lab tour in the afternoon, the Chinese student liked my research. So he will work with me during his stay. I hope he will enjoy this opportunity more than 30%.

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Teaching in English

I have two classes to teach on Tuesday. The first lecture starting from 9 AM is for graduate students, fifty in number. There are a few students from Asian countries, like China, Malaysia, and Vietnam. One student is from Nepal, who entered the university this April and does not understand Japanese at all. Therefore, this year, I am teaching the class in Japanese and English. I prepared documents both in Japanese and English. I normally write on a board in English, adding some Japanese technical terms. I speak 80% in Japanese and 20% in English.  Quizzes in English. I did not know whether this plan would work, but so far … Continue reading

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Two Classes on Tuesday

Tuesday is a busy day. From 9 AM, I have a 1.5-h class for graduate students. There is one Nepali student who does not speak Japanese, so I mix Japanese and English to teach. Maybe I should try one day a class only in English to see how the other Japanese students understand. There is a scientific meeting from 10:40 AM to 12:40 PM. Then, I teach undergraduate students the basic of electronics from 1 PM to 2:30 PM. I have lunch after the class, if I have time to. Today, there was a meeting with a professor and two students from 3 PM, so I managed to have lunch.

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Lunch in Tokube in Shikishima

For lunch, Katya and I went to Nigiri no Tokube in Shikishima. It may be the first Tokube lunch together there. We received a 19% discount coupon. Then I started working again. From 6 to 7:30 PM, I taught English to students. They are getting better.

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First day of the forum in SiChuan University

In the morning, I found that I was not able to use the university web-mail system of the university.  I tried to make an international call to the internet administration in my university, but had a hard time making an international call from my room because the hotel staffs hardly understood English. After an hour of struggling, I managed to call to the university office to ask about the internet connection.  They told me our mailing site might be blocked, and gave me  a different address. It worked well. So, I was able to read mails from my colleagues. I stayed in my room, checking mails and working. At 11:45 AM, six … Continue reading

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