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Entrance examinations

It is Saturday today. There were the entrance exams to graduate school. I was there to help candidates during the paper exams, interview them, as well as to mark the papers. Everything ended at three o’clock. I walked home. Katya had opened the box of cherries.    They were of a high quality. Then I went back for a work. In the evening we had a light rain. This made the temperature low, which made a pleasant evening.

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Preparing for the oral presentation all day

In the morning, I was preparing for the PowerPoint file for the oral presentation of  my final examination of the proposal. In the afternoon, seven people came to our institute from a major automobile company, with whom I will work with for the project.  We had a scientific meeting together.  I carried out a short presentation, too. We had a small party after the meeting and exchanged some ideas.

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Parties continue

From 6 PM, we had a small party among teachers, researchers, and students, who have been working on a specific field together in the institute to celebrate the success in the final exams and the graduation. We had unlimited meat-and-vegetable pots and drinks. I saved because I was going to Tokube, a sushi restaurant with Katya; today’s Thursday, a Tuna day. I got full and sleepy because I have been working on the tax payment at night after the work. I woke up and started posting this article.

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