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Season changing to autumn

The highest temperature today was only 32 degree C, but it was very humid. I worked all day inside with an air conditioner on, but when I went out during the day time, I sweat. In the evening, it suddenly became cool.  It was very pleasant walking with Katya and Maya-san. The season is changing to autumn. Now, I am running the water purifier. After two hours of activation, it will be ready to be used for making water for sea fish.

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Water purifier for a new fish tank

Katya is slowly working on the sea-water fish tank. She had bought a water purifying apparatus, and today, I connected it with a water tap. I slowly passed 20 litters of water from the tap in order to take out extra powders of activated charcoal. It took nearly two hours to eliminate charcoal powders. Tomorrow, I will run the instrument for two hours. After that, we should be able to obtain pure water for ocean fish.

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First day after the summer vacation: Aquarium renewal

In the morning of the first day after the summer vacation, we had presentations of four Ph. D candidates scheduled to be graduated next spring. There were much to say to them, but totally, they were OK. In the evening after coming back home, Katya and I worked together to reset the aquarium. We cleaned up the tank. We are still keeping the fish separately outside of the tank. We will put them back in tomorrow.

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Aquarium newly displayed

Katya was continuously changing the  water and cleaning the fish tank. As she read in the articles on fish handlings, she decided to change all water and to fully clean up the tank after half a year. Last evening, we fully cleaned the tank and filters. Sands were all changed. New water, having kept outside for some while, was put in the tank. While I was at school today, Katya put all fish in the tank. Successfully, all fish swim happily in the new environment.

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Again, staying in the office.

My mom and dad have come back from Izu peninsula after 16-day journey. They enjoyed their stay, although it was not as warm as they expected. The hotels they stayed in are as follow: February 5: Tokyo Baycourt Club. February 6-10: Resorpia Atami. February 11-15: Hotel Ito Powell. February 16-20: Wisterian Life Club Atami. From Izu, they sent us fishes that we normally do not have. Today, we had a fresh octopus and very big shells seen (and eaten) for the first time. Then I went back to my office to work. I am planning to stay again.

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Aquarium completed and Mandarins arriving

Today is “Coming of Age Day“, a national holiday. Katya, Maya-san, and i went to “Fish Land Ishihara” in the afternoon and bought three more lambchop rasboras. So our aquarium contains: 3 snails 12 neon tetras 5 lambchop rasboras 5 panda corydoras 2 flying foxes 2 red cherry shrimp Have we put too many? After the dinner, a student of mine graduating this March brought me a box of mandarins his parents in Shizuoka gave to us. They are of the first-class quality. They gave us a lot, but they will vanish in two days.

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New fish and new restaurant

In the morning, I took DVDs back to TSUTAYA before the shop opened so that we did not have to be charged for the delay. Then I walked with Maya-san by Arakawa river. For breakfast, we went to Gusto. We had relatively big brunch. In the afternoon, we went to “Fish Land Ishihara” and bought three lambchop rasboras to put them in our aquarium.  Fish with bright color should go well with the others. However, the saleswoman mistakenly gave us two orange tetras and two red cherry shrimp (we think that the she did not see well). Since the fish bag was wrapped, we found it only at home. We decided … Continue reading

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Fish arrived

In the morning, we visited our friends in Shimosuwa and came back to Kofu. In the afternoon, I started working. While I was out, Katya went to a fish shop finally to buy fish; she is so careful in constructing a new environment in the aquarium. First she put soils in the bottom with water and made the water circulated for a couple of days.  She next planted weeds and waited for another couple of days. Then she put three water snails. After a few more days of waiting, Katya put eight small fish: five neon tetras and three panda corydoras. Pandas are already active and crawling on the ground. … Continue reading

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