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Sunday shopping

In the afternoon, Katya, Mariya and I went out for shopping leaving Maya-san home. We dropped at a public parking lot to see roses around the fences.    Then we went to an au shop, a telephone company to talk about my broken iPhone; there is no AppleStore in Kofu. I had called to Apple, and the operator told me that with the number he gave me, I was able to borrow an iPhone at any au shop. The man at the au shop told me that he knew nothing about this system and that he could not do anything for me. Nothing can I do, either. I have to call … Continue reading

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New fishes

In the afternoon during the lunch time, Katya came to the institute with Maya-san. Three of us went to “Fish Land Ishihara” to buy some more fish. We bought two corydoras pandas, four shrimp, and a moss. We put them in the tank. It seems new fish are doing fine.

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Holidays started

Workdays are over. I was, however,  finishing a small scientific paper till 4 PM at home. I had submitted it online. Katya and I were planning to play tennis today, but found out the courts are closed during the New Year holidays. So we went out for a walk with Maya-san around Ryugaike Lake.    After the walk, we drove to “Fish Land Ishihara“. We bought two flying foxes. Katya dropped me off at a barber shop. I had my hair cut (too) short. I walked back home. On the way, I dropped by Avalon, a cake shop, to buy some cake. Katya and I had the cake for dinner. Katya was … Continue reading

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Sunday in Kofu

I leave mini at my parking space, and try to have it fixed next week. After breakfast, Katya and I went out with Maya-san to find a piece of wood and some plants for the aquarium. We went to “Fish Land Ishihara“, the biggest fish shop in Kofu as far as we know.    For those who bought more than 1,000 yen, they gave a chance of goldfish scooping. I just tore the paper. Well, let me explain one thing. At the festivals, the water is not oxygenated so the fish come near the surface for air. In this tank, the water was fully oxygenated by a pump, so the … Continue reading

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