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Now is Bean time

After dinner, watching FRIENDS was a good idea.  But we watched it three times.  We watched Columbo twice, so something else must be found now. Katya was thinking of Brothers and Sisters, but she found the plot in Wikipedia and lost her interest in renting the DVDs. We chose Mr. Bean.  Actually, we saw it once, but twice is OK. Now we are finishing Bean, too.  What should we watch next?

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Maya-san’s echo inspection

In the afternoon, I went to the ophthalmologist’s to receive my contact lenses for the trip to Kyoto next weekend. While I was at the ophthalmologist’s, Katya went to Takeda shrine to take pictures (Pics 1 and 2). Then we took Maya-san to Noah Vet Clinic for her monthly inspection. This month, the vet gave her an echo for the heart disease.  The vet told us that her heart is perfect. We asked her about Maya-san’s weak hind leg once in a while.  She said it is normal for some dachshunds.  When this happens, we need to let her take a rest. Then I went back to work. After coming … Continue reading

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Ordinary Saturday

Nothing special today.  I write down what I did. I woke up at 7:30 AM to take Maya-san out for a walk; Katya had a cold yesterday.  It was a thirty minute walk.  Maya-san saw two cats and tried to fight as usual.  I did not let her. I went to the institute at 8:30 PM. I went back home at 12 PM.  I had lunch with Katya.  Her cold was over. After the lunch, I went to a hospital for my nose check with my mini. Then I went back to my office. Katya sent me an e-mail telling that she drove to Shosenyo to take pictures but that … Continue reading

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Busy Sunday

There is a hotel in the mountain. In the morning, we headed for the hotel, parked our Smart at the parking lot and went for a hiking with Maya-san. We came back home and urgently went to a tennis court to try the borrowed rackets again.  Katya liked one of them. We came back again, took a quick shower, and went to a concert hall near Kofu. Our favorite local amateur orchestra played Symphony No. 5 of Tchaikovsky very well.  We were fascinated! We came back again, took Maya-san, and headed for the sports shop.  Katya bought  a Babolat racket.  It will be ready on Friday. We took Maya-san to … Continue reading

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Meeting friends

Yes, I was gloomy in Las Vegas. This evening, there was a get-together and I met two of my old friends, one American, the other Chinese, whom I worked with in Illinois on my sabbatical.  Gee, now I thank the opportunity of coming to Las Vegas.  Meeting friends is irreplaceable. I feel active now.  Maybe I will go see a show to let you know about it (I cannot guarantee, though).

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dramas for us – continue

Temperature was up to 36 C, amazingly stable everyday. In spite of the heat, our veranda is full of roses.  I show you another photo. When Katya and I watch TV or videos, or go to see the movies together, there are some linguistic points not essential but preferable, as stated yesterday.  1) English comprehensible without strong accents or slang.  2) English subtitles welcome, even if the actors speak English. American TV dramas on DVD do fit the criteria.  We enjoyed watching “House” but stopped watching it because of the less attractive actors from Season 4.  “HEROS” soon got too complicated. “FRIENDS” is OK, and we are on our second … Continue reading

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