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Two lectures today; one of them finished

Today is Tuesday, when I have two lectures to teach. The first one is for graduate students starting at 9 AM. This class is shared by three professors including me. I finished my last 7th tern, so I will not teach this class from next week. In the afternoon, I am instructing undergraduate students in practical electronics. This class is not exciting, but students are steadily learning. Anyway, Tuesdays will be easier.

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Lecture at Keio University

I was asked to give a lecture at Keio University for graduate students. Before going to the university, I dropped by Bic Camera in Shibuya. I looked for a cheap camera only for my blog (Katya has a good one for herself). The cheapest I found was a GE one. GE products are actually hardly seen in Japan, I did not know that GE produces digital camera. So I bought the cheapest C1433. After I get of Bic Camera, I took the first picture, a pictute of the shop. I think it is OK for the cheap camera. Then I took Toyoko Like to Hiyoshi. I walked to the faculty … Continue reading

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Two Classes on Tuesday

Tuesday is a busy day. From 9 AM, I have a 1.5-h class for graduate students. There is one Nepali student who does not speak Japanese, so I mix Japanese and English to teach. Maybe I should try one day a class only in English to see how the other Japanese students understand. There is a scientific meeting from 10:40 AM to 12:40 PM. Then, I teach undergraduate students the basic of electronics from 1 PM to 2:30 PM. I have lunch after the class, if I have time to. Today, there was a meeting with a professor and two students from 3 PM, so I managed to have lunch.

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