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Mariya’s stuffy nose

In the late afternoon, Katya and I took Mariya to see an otorhinolaryngologist, because Mariya has a cold and has a stuffy nose. Mariya was treated at the hospital and her nose was cleared. The doctor told us how to clear the nose, and we bought a tube for it. In the afternoon, I cleaned Mariya’s nose. It seems that she is feeling better.

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Mariya is getting cuter

The student, who got sick yesterday, called me. He seemed OK, but he was to go to the hospital and would not come to school today. I said OK and told him to have rests as much as he wants; health comes first. Mariya’s eyes are bigger now, and she is getting cuter. She smiles very much.

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It is getting cooler

The highest temperature in Kofu was 24 degree C, whereas the lowest, 10 degree C. It is getting much cooler these days. People tend to be out of condition when the season changes. This afternoon, one of my students felt sick and was taken to the hospital. I was with him. He seems to be OK, but his mother took him home.

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Welcome home, Mariya

It is Saturday today. In the morning, PhD students presented their results in front of teachers and students. My PhD student did well. After the presentation, I directly went to Nagasaka Clinic to take Katya and Mariya out to the apartment. Mariya was ready in a Russian outfit for babies, which Katya’s mother, Natalia, gave to Mariya. She was wrapped in a  blanket also in a Russian way. On the Saturday afternoon, there were few people in the hospital. Katya and I said thank you and good by to only one nurse. Mariya felt the air outside for the first time. I drove them home. Mariya was put on the … Continue reading

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The last evening in the hospital

I arrived at the hospital 6 PM. Mariya was sleeping. When I see her, Mariya is always calm, but Katya told me Mariya cries a lot during the night time. I had dinner together with Katya, and went home. They will be leaving tomorrow. A PhD student of mine was waiting for me in the institute, and I discussed with him until midnight.

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Katya’s dinner in Nagasaka Clinic

The hospital gave Katya a good dinner for celebrating the birth of Mariya. Mariya looks fine. Katya started feeding her.    We found that Mariya follows us by the eyes. She tried to grab our fingers. I said to Katya that Mariya could be genius. I brought home a bottle of wine Katya had received.

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Happy One Day Old, Mariya

I left the office at 5 PM to see Katya and Mariya. The streets were crowded on the way to the hospital. I saw Mariya in a treatment room with a nurse. She brought Mariya on a cart into Katya’s room. Mariya looked mature for a one-day old girl. Katya and I played with her. She grabbed our fingers.    Mariya looks as if she already knew everything!

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Mariya born at 15:45 on Monday, October 15

I took Maya-san for a walk early in the morning and went to the hospital to see Katya. I arrived at 8 PM. Katya was already having labor-pains.  I was with her all the time in the room. The baby was born at 15:45. Right after feeling the world, she started crying loud. I was relieved. Katya, too. The baby weighs 3,522 g. It was a big girl. We named her Mariya. Mariya was cleaned and brought on the Katya’s chest. I left them at 5:30 PM. At home, I told Maya-san that she has a little sister now.

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Cherry Blossoms and House. M.D. Season 6

After a late taco lunch, Katya and I took Maya-san to Midorigaoka Sports Park. On Takeda street, cherry blossoms were in full bloom. In Midorigaoka Sports Park, the blossoms were beautiful, too.    In the evening, Katya and I unintentionally watched House M.D., which started this spring in Japan. We once lost our interest when less attractive actors joined the team. Then House himself became losing his controls in perceiving the reality. Season 6 started with House in a psychiatric hospital. He was acting in his selfish ways as usual, and we thought it would be boring. However, House became accepting his weakness and agreed to accept the treatments. We got attracted by the drama. … Continue reading

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