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January 2006, Our Encounter in China

On the way back home from my sabbatical in Illinois to Japan, I dropped by Ghangzhou, China for a visit to a lab and for my rest before going back to work.  I stayed at “Victory Hotel”, where Katya happened to stay.  She was traveling around China to see the country.  She already spoke Chinese, then. On the day of arrival, I met her and invited her to dinner at a restaurant in the hotel.  I remember we had a whole fish.  She was used to eating Chinese food, and we had meals spicy. The following day, we decided to have a one-hour bus trip to Zhongshan city.  This is … Continue reading

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Two doctors I learned

During my sabbatical in 2005 in Illinois, U.S.A. I got acquainted with two doctors.  One was Dr. House, who was not yet on TV in Japan.  The other was Dr. Seuss, who is still not well-known in Japan. I found Dr. Seuss very interesting.  I understood how kids learn to read in the states.  I bought some of his books and brought them to Japan. In a gallery in L.A., I found this print “Self Portrait of an Artist Worrying About His Next Book“.  At the first glance, he attracted me. I bought it and brought it to Japan, too. I have not yet put it on the wall, either.

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Business trip to NEC in Tsukuba

I went to Tsukuba on  a business trip. We stopped at Kenkyu Gakuen Toshi Station to visit the Nanoelectronic Laboratory of NEC. A researcher in NEC and I used to work in the same laboratory in University of Illinois, although not at the same time.  We got to know each other by the introduction of the professor of the lab and have known each other for five years.  Besides, an ex-student of mine is working with him. We talked about our new research collaboration possibly starting next April.  It will be fun. It was a short one-day trip. After coming back home, I found a cactus, Katya bought. Candle is … Continue reading

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Meeting friends

Yes, I was gloomy in Las Vegas. This evening, there was a get-together and I met two of my old friends, one American, the other Chinese, whom I worked with in Illinois on my sabbatical.  Gee, now I thank the opportunity of coming to Las Vegas.  Meeting friends is irreplaceable. I feel active now.  Maybe I will go see a show to let you know about it (I cannot guarantee, though).

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I used to be a Mac user; I owned 512, Plus, SE30, II upgraded to IIfx, Portable, and PB100.  When I left Sendai to Kofu, I threw them away.  I regret it. Followings are the ones I have in our apartment now. This sony still works.  Katya sometimes uses to talk to Russia on Skype. I brought a Mac and an HP to Illinois in 2005. The HP still is the main machine at home till today, but its microphone has been broken. I bought this second-hand Toshiba for my real estate job. This is for my school job.  I will bring it to Las Vegas. Tomorrow, we are expecting … Continue reading

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