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Preparing all day for the presentation

Happy days in IzuĀ are over. Tomorrow, there will be a presentation of my scientific project that started in October last year. This presentation is a very big one; if the judges did not like my results, the 3.5-year project could be ended next March. I went back home for dinner, and I returned to my office. I will be preparing for the presentation in my office tonight.

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Working for the trip to Izu

Tomorrow, Katya and I will leave Kofu for Izu. I want to finish my job not to think of it during the trip, so I am working late today in the office. I will finish it after midnight.

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Izu trip decided

I am preparing an Izu trip from 15th to 17th this month. I have already reserved a room in a hotel in Ito on the 15th, and was waiting for a cancellation at a hotel in Hatsushima islandĀ on the 16th. Today, I called to the reservation center and found out 30 people in the list still waiting. So I gave up. I made another one-night reservation in a hotel in Ito, so we will stay in Ito for two nights. It might be not bad to be relaxed in the same hotel.

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Again, staying in the office.

My mom and dad have come back from Izu peninsula after 16-day journey. They enjoyed their stay, although it was not as warm as they expected. The hotels they stayed in are as follow: February 5: Tokyo Baycourt Club. February 6-10: Resorpia Atami. February 11-15: Hotel Ito Powell. February 16-20: Wisterian Life Club Atami. From Izu, they sent us fishes that we normally do not have. Today, we had a fresh octopus and very big shells seen (and eaten) for the first time. Then I went back to my office to work. I am planning to stay again.

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