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Work continues

I came back to my apartment at 6:30 AM. I slept till 7:30 AM. Katya told me that I had snored, but I do not remember if I actually fell into sleep. I took a shower and went to my office. I restarted working. At 9 AM, a company man, subleader of the project arrived at the institute.  We checked and rechecked the schedules and budgets. We worked till 4 PM, and the man went back to Kyoto. I finished different two articles, and came back home at 8 PM. I had dinner with two glasses of wine.  While I was writing this post, I fell into sleep.

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Business Trip to Kyoto – 2nd day –

Today, I left the hotel to Yoshida Campus of  Kyoto University.  It is one of the best universities in Japan. Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science & Technology has constructed a research network, and Kyoto University has been equipped with various instruments to be used by universities and companies.  A researcher and I checked the possibility of coming to Kyoto for experiments. Unfortunately, the apparatuses they have might not be adequate for our research. I took a bullet train from Kyoto to Nagoya. In Nagoya, I changed trains to Shiojiri, and from Shirojiri, to Kofu. It took nearly five hours. On the way from Kofu station to our apartment, Katya, … Continue reading

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Two-Day Business Trip to Kyoto

Two-day trip to Kyoto. In order to save money, I took buses to there.  It cost 4,600 yen.  If I took trains, it would cost 15,580 yen. The first bus started at 6:20 AM.  It was a small bus with three travelers. We changed buses to a large one. The bus arrived in Kyoto at 12:30 PM. I took lunch and took subways to Shimadzu. The meeting started at 2:30 PM about the new project.  It ended at 5 PM. As was in the last trip, I stayed in Kyoto Kokusai Hotel. On the other side across the street, just in front of the hotel, is Nijo Castle. Inside the … Continue reading

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Future business trips and evening tennis

It was decided that on June 20 and 21, I will go to Kyoto on a business trip. From September 5 to 10, I will go to Poitiers, France, in order to take two students to the university there.  They will carry out experiments and will come back on June 30th. On September 9, I hope to stay in Paris for half a day, but it could be difficult. Poitiers is a beautiful place, but I prefer Paris.  I love simply sitting on a street in front of a cafe and  reading a news paper normally International Herald Tribune. This evening, we joined the tennis class.  Katya was working late … Continue reading

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Business trip to Osaka

In the morning, I bought a news paper to know about the midnight earthquake in the north-east area.  It was a big one, but I did not feel anything in Kyoto.  I took the paper with me to the restaurant and had buffet while reading it. I stayed in my room working till 11 AM, a check-out time.  Then I moved to the hotel lounge. There was a small, pretty garden by the lounge. The hotel was old, but it had some classical taste. I walked out the hotel. It was slightly raining.  I was surprised to see that only one warm night made the cherry blossoms in bloom. From … Continue reading

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Business trip to Kyoto

In the morning, I woke up at 6 AM; it is my business trip today. I sneaked out the apartment to my office, checked e-mails, packed a computer, and left Kofu. I took an express train to Hachioji, a local train to Shin Yokohama, then a bullet train to Kyoto.  In the bullet train at my feet, I found a power source. From Kyoto, I took two local trains to Nishioji Oike.  I arrived at Shimadzu, one of the largest companies for scientific analysis. I discussed about my new project with two researchers there.  We had an enjoyable discussion. I had reserved Kyoto Kokusai Hotel in front of Nijo Castle. … Continue reading

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Discussion with companies

I am trying to establish a new engineering project with university and company labs.  Today I had a meeting with an automobile company.  We had some drinks together after the meeting. Tomorrow, I will go to Kyoto to have another meeting with another company.  The day after tomorrow, I will meet another people in Osaka. It would be a big project involving three universities and four companies.  I will be very busy preparing the documents next week.

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Good bye to Kyoto

We visited Tofukuji and left Kyoto. We saw Lake Biwa. We met Maya-san in Shimosuwa and all of us went home. Continue reading

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Evening in Kyoto

Yesterday, after the afternoon rest in the hotel, we took a public bus to Hogonin Temple for an evening garden walk. Garden was illuminated neatly, and so many visitors were in there.  It is a pity I was not able to take good pictures with my camera. Katya had a slight cold.  We took a cab to a Chinese restaurant “Hoan Hoan” in front of our hotel. The restaurant did not look promising outside, but the foods surprised us.  We enjoyed Mapo Doufu in a genuine Sichuan style. Waiters and waitresses were all cheerful and helpful.  We recommend this restaurant when you have a chance.

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Day in Kyoto

We woke up and had a late breakfast at 9:30 AM at the hotel. In the lounge, Katya had a coffee and I had a powdered-tea cappuccino, whatever it may be. We rent bicycles and rode them to Tenryuji Temple. The garden was very beautiful, but the leaves were being fallen. Then we moved to Jojakkoji Temple.  The garden is less sophisticated that the one in Ryoanji, but you can enjoy a pleasant walk on the hill. (Katya’s pics 1, 2, 3) After the walk, we had a late lunch at “Peeping Tom“. Katya was a little tired.  We went back to the hotel at 3 PM.

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