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Walk, Concert, Buffet on Sunday

Today is Sunday. Katya and I took Maya-san to Lake Chiyoda.   It was a warm day. Maya-san got into the lake and chased ducks.    After a half-an-hour walk, we went back home. Katya and I drove to Togen Hall, where a concert was held by an amateur orchestra “South Alps Utopia Symphony Orchestra“. They performed Brahms, Prokofiev, and Beethoven.    We listened to Symphony #5 of Beethoven for the first time in a concert hall. The members must have practiced hard. Katya and I did not have lunch. On the way back home after the concert, we dropped by “Stamina Taro“, a bufet restaurant. The quality was not high … Continue reading

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Lake Chiyoda, Kofu

Katya and I had breakfast at Gusto.    After breakfast, we drove to Lake Chiyoda with Maya-san. Katya and Maya-san once walked there (in two hours!), but I had not been there. The lake is artificial, created in 1937, well-known to fishermen for a fish called “hera-crucian“.    We walked around the lake and took a path into the forest.    A panoramic view of Kofu was obtained. After a long walk, we went to Pet Field. I bought four shrimp.    We came back home and put the shrimp in the tank. I cooked steaks for dinner. Maya-san is tired; she soon went to sleep.

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