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Bicycle for Chinese student

Today is Monday. In the morning, I met the Chinese student in our institute. He was doing OK during the weekend. We started talking in French. I have not been talking it for months, so I could not speak it well. He will be in the institute for two months, so I should be speaking it OK by then. He is now living in a dorm for international researchers and students.  I let him use my Lamborghini. I will be using my moped.  

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National Foundation Day, 2012, Lamborghini back

Today is the National Foundation Day, a holiday. In the morning, I worked in my office. In the afternoon, Katya and I took Maya-san for a walk around Ryugaike Lake. It was a warm day. Fishermen were busy fishing basses. Spring is getting closer. Ume blossoms are in bloom.    The bicycle shop called me to tell that Lamborghini had been fixed; I walk to the shop to take it. I rode it to the office. The master-degree student graduating this spring asked me to check the presentation. We worked together from 4 PM to 7 PM. At 7 PM, Katya came to pick me up. We went to Red Lobster … Continue reading

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Lamborghini not repaired yet

In the morning, I happened to meet the lady who hit my Lamborghini (and me) yesterday. She looked so sorry. I said it was not a big thing.  She asked me to have it repaired, and  said that she will pay for it. I said thank you. However, it was a busy day today. The morning meeting lasted till 1 PM. I had another meeting from 3 to 4 PM. I did not return home for lunch, nor did I take the bike to a bike shop. Meanwhile, I prepared everything ready for the 16-day trip of my parents in the Izu peninsula. I reserved the hotels and finished travel … Continue reading

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Lamborghini hit by Toyota

In the morning, I picked my Lamborghini the bike from the parking space. I was talking with a neighbor of mine, while his wife drove backward her red Toyota. I thought she would stop, but no, the car hit my bicycle. I fell down, too. I was not injured but you can see the front wheel is destroyed. In the afternoon, an insurance company called me to talk about the accident.  I will take the bicycle to a bike shop, and the shop owner and the insurance company will talk. In the evening while I was still working, the man and his wife came to leave some sweets for me. … Continue reading

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Year-End Party

Before the winter vacation comes, we had a year-end party this evening of all the members of the institute, namely 90 members including teachers, researchers, students, and office workers.  Everybody got together. The party was held in a banquet room in a hotel. A bus was reserved from the institute to the hotel, although I rode my Lamborghini. It was a big dinner over drinks; the general idea of the party is forget bad things that happened during the year. I have not told anybody about my blog except the American professor, so I just show you foods served, not people present. Many students were there, so the quantity was … Continue reading

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Muravej helps the police

Oh, nothing special, actually. I found a motor bike on the institute premises.  Its front cover was unscrewed.  The other professor and I opened the cover to find out that wires are cut to make the engine active without a key. I called to the police.  The police men came after half an hour and checked the bike.  Yes, it seemed to be a stolen bike.  They took pictures, while I helped them by pointing to the bike, the front cover, and the screws on the ground as the discoverer. There is a video system installed in the institute, and we checked the video with the police.  Three persons came … Continue reading

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