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Work on Saturday

In the morning, there were presentations by nine Ph.D students. They did well.  All the teachers and students showed themselves including me. In the afternoon, I went to see an otorhinolaryngologist to have my nose checked. On the way back, I filled up the tank of mini, too. After coming back to my office, I was discussing with a student of mine, who is in the second grade of a master course. He is having hard times finding employment next spring after his graduation. In Japan, students look for employment during their school days, and start working right after the graduation. If they cannot find a job before graduation, it could … Continue reading

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Getting ready for a trip in Tokyo

We are planning to spend two nights in Tokyo from tomorrow. So we were preparing for the trip. In the afternoon, I went back to my apartment from the institute; my parents from Shimosuwa were already at ours. They came to take care of Mariya for a couple of hours for Katya, then to take Maya-san to theirs during our stay in Tokyo. We saw them off, and I took mini to the optician’s to get my disposable contact lens. Actually, I found the hospital closed on the Tuesday afternoon when I got there, but driving mini was fun as usual, anyway. For the lens, I will used the old one … Continue reading

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Evening Tennis

It was a hot day, too. The highest temperature was (only) 33 degree C, but I felt it as hot as yesterday, especially after I rode a bicycle back home for lunch. Katya was surprised to see how my shirt got wet after a 10-min ride. Katya hates heat in Japan. She is so looking forward to her return back to Vladivostok at the end of this month. In the evening, I joined a tennis class held in Midorigaoka Sports Park.  It was hot, but it was very nice moving my body after desk works.  After returning home by mini, Katya was surprised again to see my soaked T-shirt because … Continue reading

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Curry party

In the morning, I brought a full pot of curry to the institute’s dining room by mini, and put it in the refrigerator. After my English lesson, I started a curry party in the dining room. I invited nine students, including the Chinese student from France,  and one young researcher not yet married. I had asked students to buy some drinks and nan at New Mahal. The party started after 6:30 PM. It was a pleasant dinner with a lot of conversation. They seemed to enjoyed the curry. It is a pity I forgot to take pictures. Maybe I will make them chili in winter.

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Saturday Meeting and Afternoon Hospital

We have students’ presentations once a month on Saturday in our institute. Today was the day. It started at 9 AM and ended at 11:45 AM. For the final talk, a German student now staying here showed what he had accomplished in his university in Denmark.  It was very interesting. In June, I am receiving a Chinese student from France. World has become small. In the afternoon, I went to see an ophthalmologist to buy my lenses.  I washed and drove my mini after a long while. It was fun. The lenses were not available, so I will go and get them next week. Then I worked till 7 PM and came back … Continue reading

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mini back

Following Smart, mini came back today. I waited for it for a long time. At 10:30 AM, I went to the parking lot, which is by the landlord’s house. I first visited the  landlord to pay my parking fee. She was worried about mini because it had not been there for a month. I told her that it would come back soon. She was happy about it and suggested me to change the parking place, with the same fee, which is less sunny and better. I thankfully accepted her offer. Soon after the chat, mini came back with the familiar sound. It was placed in the new section. It was … Continue reading

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Our cars

1. mini mini is still being repaired. Although I do not drive it often, I feel worried because it takes such a long time for the repair. No news is a good news?? 2. Smart I received a phone call today telling that the problem was the bearings. They will fix it in a couple of days.

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Sunday in Kofu

I leave mini at my parking space, and try to have it fixed next week. After breakfast, Katya and I went out with Maya-san to find a piece of wood and some plants for the aquarium. We went to “Fish Land Ishihara“, the biggest fish shop in Kofu as far as we know.    For those who bought more than 1,000 yen, they gave a chance of goldfish scooping. I just tore the paper. Well, let me explain one thing. At the festivals, the water is not oxygenated so the fish come near the surface for air. In this tank, the water was fully oxygenated by a pump, so the … Continue reading

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mini broken

I drove mini from the institute to  ”Manpuku Roh“, a Chinese restaurant for dinner, where Katya and I were supposed to meet. It is a popular restaurant. I could not find a parking place in front of it. So I drove into a narrow path to the parking lot behind it. Boy, there was no space, either.  So I drove back slowly on the same path. “Bang!” It was a big noise, although the shock was not large. I got out to find out that I hit the right back of mini against an electricity pole. I first thought that only the light was broken, but actually, the body was … Continue reading

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Business Trip to Niigata

There is a conference in Niigata.  I woke up at 4 AM, went to my office, and took mini to a hotel in Niigata. I took a rest at Yoneyama parking area. When I got our from the car, I felt heat! The temperature must have been higher than 30 degree C.    I took a rice bowl of tuna and salmon eggs for brunch. I arrived at the hotel, ANA Crown Plaza Niigata, at 12:30 PM. After I took a shower, I walked to the conference site. Mexican professor in University of Poitiers was there in the lecture hall, chairing the session. So in a couple of days, we … Continue reading

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