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Muravej’s mini, Katya’s beetle

After I showed you my ceramic mini, I felt like showing Katya’s beetle, too. We made them in Antov near Lake Yamanaka in May 2007.

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Muravej started working, Katya made shelves

I started working today.  Because I did not finish all the duties before the vacation, I worked hard. Katya starts her job on 6th, so she stayed home today. When I was back home, she asked me what I found in the dining room.  I said I saw a new calendar. It was a calendar Katya brought from Vladivostok. “Yes, it is, but what else?” And I found shelves on the wall! She wanted them on the wall, but I did not do it, so Katya did it herself.  Good for her! Katya likes old volkswagens, and she put three on the higher shelf.  On the lower shelf is  a … Continue reading

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Takeo Moriyama Quintet

I dropped by at my parking lot on the way to my office. On the right side of my mini, I found the mini that used to be on the left side of mine. The owner must have changed his mind to keep it at the same parking lot again. It was a small pleasure in the morning. In the evening, we took Smart for the jazz concert in “Sakura-za” theater , which we had planned to attend. We took a quick dinner of a salad and sandwiches at Papas Cafe at Okajima department store. In Okajima department store, a Christmas tree made of plastic bottles was displayed. It looked … Continue reading

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Where I keep my mini

I was busy with meetings, discussions with students, and finishing my works before going to Kyoto. On the way back to my lunch home, I dropped by my landlady’s for the payment of my mini‘s parking lot. The place has a large roof. I do not know why they made it so large.  It is more for airplanes.

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Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park

Today, we visited the Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park again with mini. Colored leaves are gradually falling down.  The best time is over. We arrived at the visitor center to find much less cars in the parking lot. Up in the mountain, leaves are almost gone. Winter is coming. In the evening, we went to “NEW MAHAL“. Dinner is better than lunch there. I chose spicy chicken curry, and Katya, mixed and eggplant vegan curries.  We shared. Katya’s mixed vegan curry (in the middle in the picture) was very rich and tasty. We got full.  Maya-san welcomed us at home.

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Colored-Leaf Safari

In order (for Katya) to take good pictures of colored leaves this autumn, we went on a leaf safari on mini. Unfortunately it was cloudy all day, but we ventured. 1. Lake Inagako This is Katya’s third visit to Inagako this fall.  Maya-san started digging holes, and I watched her. Katya took pictures alone 2. Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park Maya-san and I were eating a baked sweat potato on a bench in a parking area of the visitor center.  Katya took pictures alone. 3. Shosenkyo We got there at 4 PM.  The leaves were so beautiful but we did not have enough light at this time of the day in autumn.  … Continue reading

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Ordinary Saturday

Nothing special today.  I write down what I did. I woke up at 7:30 AM to take Maya-san out for a walk; Katya had a cold yesterday.  It was a thirty minute walk.  Maya-san saw two cats and tried to fight as usual.  I did not let her. I went to the institute at 8:30 PM. I went back home at 12 PM.  I had lunch with Katya.  Her cold was over. After the lunch, I went to a hospital for my nose check with my mini. Then I went back to my office. Katya sent me an e-mail telling that she drove to Shosenyo to take pictures but that … Continue reading

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mini is back

Mini is back to my parking lot from the biannual inspection today.  It cost 125,785 yen for taxes and maintenance fees.  I think it is an adequate price if one keeps an old car. Katya and I can do without mini but I still keep it paying higher annual taxes on a car older than 10 years.  I rent a parking lot with a roof. Financially, it is not a good choice. Mini was first fabricated in 1959. It was a revolutionary car with brand new concepts.  A type of minis, Mini Cooper, won the Monte Carlo Rally three times. Beatles and Queen Elizabeth owned mini. In 1991, Rover started … Continue reading

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Street Cleaning, mini, RAMs, Tennis, Freshwater Crams, and Wine

It was a busy Saturday. In the morning from 7:30 AM, three guys in our apartment house, including me, went out on the street and joined in cleaning the streets with 30 other people.  In small cities and towns, not to mention villages, traditional societies still survive.  They help each other to make the society better.  I prefer city lives and it annoys me in fact, but as an outsider, I respected the tradition. Then I had my mini taken away for the bianual inspection.  It will come back in a week. During the lunch time, I installed two 1-G RAMs into our new computer.  It became noticably fast. After finishing my work, we … Continue reading

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Culture Day

Today is a national holiday, Culture day.  There was a bazaar in an English school where Katya often teaches, but we chose to go to Lake Inagako in Minami Alps City. Mini took us there. The leaves started to change colors. Katya was busy taking pictures. Maya-san was busy digging holes. After coming home, we headed for Yamanashi Prefectural Youth Ceter, where we played tennis from 3  to 4 PM and from 7 to 8:30 PM. Kayta was satisfied with her new racket.  I moved too quickly in a cool air and had the right thigh slightly injured. We had not played tennis for three weeks, so we are very tired. Katya started … Continue reading

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