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“Starsky & Hutch” and “10 Items or Less”

When I came home, “Starsky & Hutch” was on TV. It was a very famous American TV drama and was broadcast in Japan, too, but I had no chance to watch it.  This one on TV tonight was a movie, not a drama, but I did not mind. I felt  lucky to touch a history. After the drama, “10 Items or Less” was on. I happened to see the last part of the movie yesterday and wanted to see the former part. So I felt lucky again. After watching ”10 Items or Less”, I checked out ”Starsky and Hutch” on the internet. The movie was a completely new one, and the  actors … Continue reading

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This is it!

   I am watching “This is it!”.  Katya and I went to see this movie in the movie theater. After singing “I just can’t stop loving you”, Michael Jackson says he should not have sung this way because he is still warming up. I like the way he says it, which tells his being professional.

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Business Trip to Tokyo Big Sight

I came back home at 7 AM. I took Maya-san out for a walk and went to sleep. Katya left home for her classes while I am in futon. I woke up at 9 AM, took trains, and went to Tokyo Big Sight, a large convention center. An instrumental and scientific exhibition, nano tech 2012, was held there. Many domestic and international companies participated and presented their new instruments. Very interesting! The Russian company I had found in another exhibition had a booth, too. I talked with a salesperson, who said that the business is going well in Japan. After leaving the exhibition site, I took trains to Akihabara to … Continue reading

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Shrimp are doing OK

I was finally able to record a shrimp. I love those shrimps next to pandas. Katya and I are watching a movie “Stepmom“. It is a sweet, but pleasant movie.

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Tiring week, Mamma Mia! evening

I went on business trips last Saturday and Sunday. I went to Tokyo yesterday, too. This week was tiring. This evening, Katya, Natalia, and I saw the “Mamma Mia!” DVD. It is a good movie to see together.  Katya told me that ABBA was popular in USSR, too. I wonder how people could think of a movie like this. Katya and I saw it at least four times. Although we see the movies together, our favorite ones are sometimes different. I love “Kill Bill vol. 1” the best, far the best among all the movies.  The second one is “Shaolin Soccer“. Katya does not like “Kill Bill”, although she accepts “Pulp … Continue reading

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Arrival in Kofu

The video system of Japan Air Line was not on demand.  I was not able to see from the beginning, but saw a Japanese movie, “Paradise Kiss“. I found the movie OK to see during the flight.  Keiko Kitagawa acted well, but acting as a model, she must have been much taller. After the movie, I slept well. The plane arrived at Narita International Airport at 2: 30 PM.  When I got out from the plane, the moisty air told me I am back in Asia. At 4:20 PM, I took a bus to Kofu. The bus arrived at Kofu station at 7:30 PM. Katya picked me up with Maya-san. At … Continue reading

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Katya’s Departure – Long Day – Maya-san’s New Pleasure

Katya’s bus leaves at 4:05 PM for the airport. I was afraid of missing the bus, and I woke up at 2 AM. I did not want to oversleep, so I could not get back to sleep. At 3 AM, both Katya and I got out of futons. Katya told me she also had woken up at 2 AM. Katya did her last preparation, and three of us left the apartment to Kofu station by smart. Maya-san was happy to go out, but was also puzzled. We kissed good by at the station and Katya got on the bus to Narita Airport. I drove home with Maya-san. I did not … Continue reading

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The Wrestler

I worked during the daytime. In the evening, I watched Mickey Rourke’s “The Wrestler“, Katya glancing at the screen once in a while; she did not like the wrestles. The ex-student of mine sometimes took me to the wrestling matches when I was teaching him French, so I understand what is going on and how to enjoy the wrestles. I liked the movie. The movie showed how Rourke was addicted to wrestling, or loved it.  Mickey Rourke acted perfectly. Katya said it is a good movie, too, in spite of the weird fights. After the movie, Maya-san, Katya, and I walked out together.

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On the Beach

When I was a kid, I liked science fictions.   I also read introductory books on science fictions. “On the Beach” was one of the stories.  I have had no chance to read it. On Sunday, I happened to find the DVD.   I saw the movie. It is a story about the world in 1964 after the atomic war, WW III.  People live only in the Southern Hemisphere. They keep the civilization and lived normally and quietly until the last moment. No physical damage was shown in the film.  Radiation was only indicated by a meter. It was a quiet movie.

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Unstoppable and Hotel Dinner

I got two discount movie tickets from the university. They were valid till the end of January only in one movie theater, “Kofu-Musashino Cinema 5“. I wanted to see The Social Network, but it was dubbed into Japanese in the theater.  So we chose Unstoppable.  It was better than I expected.  I liked the simplicity of the movie, whereas Katya thought it was too simple and that at least one of the two must die.  I understand what she says. Denzel Washington could have died, but that scenario would been a stereotype, too. There is a hotel just by the movie theater, and we went up to the 13th floor … Continue reading

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