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Sports on the second day of the institute lodging

We woke up at 7 AM. It was a beautiful morning. The scene was beautiful from the window of the room. Breakfast was poor in this cheap lodge. After breakfast we went out to take a group photo in front of the hotel. The bus waited for us with a bus driver staying in the hotel. Mt Fuji was seen beautiful. After the photo shots, people started playing tennis, soccer, and volleyball.    I played volleyball. It was comfortable inside the gym, too. We enjoyed playing sports for two hours. After taking a shower we got on the bus. The bus was completely full. Many people slept in the bus. … Continue reading

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Katya meets new friends by Lake Kawaguchi

Katya is joining a Russian site on dachshunds. Katya has been knowing a couple, dachshund lovers living in Saint Petersburg.  They are programmers visiting a lot of countries during their vacations. They came to Japan last year after the disaster and liked the country. So they visited Japan again this spring. This morning, they took trains from Tokyo to Lake Kawaguchi to stay one night. Katya went to meet them there in Smart. After coming back home, I asked Katya how it was. She said it was much fun.  They went around the lake, went to other two lakes, saw Mt. Fuji, ate Hoto, etc. Katya gave them strawberries cultivated in Kofu, … Continue reading

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Sunday Ski in Sun Meadows Kiyosato Ski Resort

Katya and I went skiing in Sun Meadows this Sunday, too. Maya-san stayed again in the car. It was warmer than last week, while the quality of snow was better today. The mountain covered with snow is called “Aka-dake” or Mt. Aka. Mt. Fuji was seen on the other side. Pleasant day with pleasant snow. We had a bowl of ramen and curry for lunch in a restaurant there and went home. I went to my office and helped the student from 6 to 8 PM. We will meet at 9 AM on the tomorrow morning.

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Earthquake, Dohshinboh by mini, Submission of a paper

At about 7:40 AM, there was an earthquake. Although it was a Saturday morning, Katya woke up. Maya-san kept sleeping. I soon understood that the earthquake itself might not be a big one because the frequency of the shake was high. Even though, the vibration was rather large, meaning that the location of the earthquake might be close to Kofu. The quake stopped, and restarted twice. Katya check the news by her iPad.; the epicenter was near Kofu, close to Mt. Fuji. The magnitude was 5.5, so it was not a big earthquake. Then I went to school to work. At 1 PM, Katya and I met at the parking … Continue reading

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Walks with Maya-san on Sunday

In the morning, I took Maya-san for a walk along Arakawa river, where there is a small park. Mt. Fuji was  seen from it. In the afternoon, Katya, Maya-san, and I first went to TSUTAYA to rent DVDs. Parking lot   was full. Then we walked around Ryugaike Lake. Fishers were enjoying bass fishing. During the walk, Maya-san found a cat, suddenly jumped to it, and bit it! We helped the cat, and the cat managed to escape from Maya-san.  Maya-san looked proud. In the evening, we watched a DVD of a funny show “One-night stay of Hitoshi Matsumoto in an abandoned Japanese Hotel”. It was funny but we also … Continue reading

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Institute Lodging: Second Day

In the morning, we were woken up by the strong sunshine. The fog is gone, no cloud. Good day for tennis.  Mt. Fuji looked beautiful.   We had breakfast together at 7;30 AM.  Many people had drunk after midnight and looked sleepy. Because of my right eye, I did not play tennis but basketball in a gymnasium; the ball is bigger. After taking a bus, we got on buses to Kofu. We arrived in Kofu at 2 PM. I started working in my office.  Katya came to the institute at 6:45 PM to pick me up. Since my cornea got better, Katya and I directly went to the tennis court … Continue reading

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