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Tokube with Mariya

Katya sent me an e-mail telling that Nishikori was beaten by Andujar in Madrid Open yesterday. In the evening, Katya, Mariya and I went to a Sushi restaurant, “Nigiri no Tokube” in Shikishima. It was rainy. Katya was holding Mariya in her arms in the restaurant. Mariya was mainly playing with a small soy-sauce saucer.    We had many plates of sushi. Mariya had been a very good girl in the restaurant as usual.

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Nishikori won

During the lunch break, I found that Nishikori had beaten Federer in Madrid Open yesterday. When I came back home, the game was on the TV.  They were playing the last game.    Federer did not play well, so I was not too happy for Nishikori, although he sure is a hard worker.

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