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Afternoon nap on a summer day

Summer vacation has started I decided to work this summer, but flexibly. In the morning, I took Maya-san to Noah Vet Clinic We waited for 10 minutes. Maya-san was on my lap. She smelled cats and was very excited. I had to hold her tight. She had an inspection and a laser treatment. Vet told me her legs are with no problem. She weighed 6.4 kg, so her weight is stable. I left Maya-san home and went to my office. I took a late lunch and took a nap, and I fully went to sleep. I know the reason; after Katya left, Maya-san started to wake me up while I … Continue reading

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Business Trip to Kyoto – 2nd day –

Today, I left the hotel to Yoshida Campus of  Kyoto University.  It is one of the best universities in Japan. Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science & Technology has constructed a research network, and Kyoto University has been equipped with various instruments to be used by universities and companies.  A researcher and I checked the possibility of coming to Kyoto for experiments. Unfortunately, the apparatuses they have might not be adequate for our research. I took a bullet train from Kyoto to Nagoya. In Nagoya, I changed trains to Shiojiri, and from Shirojiri, to Kofu. It took nearly five hours. On the way from Kofu station to our apartment, Katya, … Continue reading

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Lotus – a Thai restaurant

It is Saturday today.  All the students, as well as researchers and teachers, got together for students’ monthly presentation.  Today, it was for seniors. One of my students, who came to the taco party the other day, talked about his results, too.  I think he did OK. Meanwhile, Katya took Maya-san to Noah Vet Clinic.  Maya-san’s left hind leg has not been recovered yet.  She needs to be in the cage for a while. In the afternoon, a Korean postdoc came from Korea to present his works to find a job here.  His presentation was not very impressive.  I do not know whether he will be hired. In the evening … Continue reading

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Maya-san in Cage

In the morning, we took Maya-san to Noah Vet Clinic for her left hind leg.  Yes, her leg was bad.  She got the infrared irradiation on her back. I took our smartforfour to Mitsubishi Kofu, hoping they will repair the leakage: the smartforfour is based on Mitsubishi Colt, fabricated in the Mitsubishi factory in the Netherlands, and Mitsubishi was selling and repairing smartforfour in Japan. They said no because the parts have not been provided from Smart company at all.  ”You need to go to Yanase.” While I was out, Katya was constructing a large cage for Maya-san. For her back, rest is the most important. In the evening, it … Continue reading

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Proposal is not finished yet on the day of Showa

I woke up at 1 AM, went to my office, and worked till 9 AM. I came back home; today’s a national holiday, the day of Syowa, or the birthday of former emperor.  Personally, I am against the Japanese emperorism, which I believe was efficiently used to promote WWII. “Living God” is a bad concept, although the it is denied now.  Therefore, I do not feel right to take a break on those days. Emperor is a very intelligent, well-educated person with a common sense. He does what he can do for Japan in his situation.  He dared not to leave Tokyo after the earthquake, and visited the damaged areas.  … Continue reading

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Back to Kofu from Tateshina

After we woke up, I headed for a hot spa, and Katya prepared for herself. We met in front of the buffet restaurant at 8:30 AM.  We had to wait for several minutes. Breakfast was OK, but coffee was not very good. So we went to the hotel lounge. Katya had an espresso, and I, a cafe au lait. We checked out and went to Shimosuwa to say hello to my parents.  We gave them an Apple Baumkuchen bought in the hotel.  We said good-by to them and went back to Kofu. We headed for Noah Vet Clinic to pick up Maya-san.  In the clinic, they have a pet hotel.  … Continue reading

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Labor Thanksgiving Day

Today was a holiday.  This holiday was originated in the harvest festival in Shintoism. After the WWII, the Allies are said to have created “Labor Day” + “Thanks Giving Day” = “Labor Thanksgiving Day” to eliminate the influence of Shintoism.  So it has a complex history. Katya went to Tokyo for a walk.  I stayed and took care of Maya-san. In the morning, Maya-san and I went to Noah Vet Clinic.  It was so crowded.  We stayed outside in fear that Maya-san could bark at, or even bite, cats.  She kept looking inside for cats. She received a laser treatment as usual.  We then went to a hall to buy … Continue reading

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Maya-san’s echo inspection

In the afternoon, I went to the ophthalmologist’s to receive my contact lenses for the trip to Kyoto next weekend. While I was at the ophthalmologist’s, Katya went to Takeda shrine to take pictures (Pics 1 and 2). Then we took Maya-san to Noah Vet Clinic for her monthly inspection. This month, the vet gave her an echo for the heart disease.  The vet told us that her heart is perfect. We asked her about Maya-san’s weak hind leg once in a while.  She said it is normal for some dachshunds.  When this happens, we need to let her take a rest. Then I went back to work. After coming … Continue reading

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Busy Sunday

There is a hotel in the mountain. In the morning, we headed for the hotel, parked our Smart at the parking lot and went for a hiking with Maya-san. We came back home and urgently went to a tennis court to try the borrowed rackets again.  Katya liked one of them. We came back again, took a quick shower, and went to a concert hall near Kofu. Our favorite local amateur orchestra played Symphony No. 5 of Tchaikovsky very well.  We were fascinated! We came back again, took Maya-san, and headed for the sports shop.  Katya bought  a Babolat racket.  It will be ready on Friday. We took Maya-san to … Continue reading

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Maya-san’s Legs

Maya-san is bandaged on her right hind foot because she bleeds from a nail.  It will be fine soon.  She does not seem minding wearing this new sock. Maya-san is physically and mentally healthy, but she suffered from an intervertebral disc disease last year.  Her hind legs were paralyzed, and she had an operation at “Noah Vet Clinic“. Her left hind leg gets weak once in a while this year, which worries us.  We take her to Noah for a laser irradiation on the back.  Vets are nice to her, although she is more interested in her enemy, cats. Maya-san likes running without the lead, but that is a Big … Continue reading

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