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Katya’s Christmas Party

Today is Saturday, January 8, one day after the Orthodox Christmas day.  Katya went out for a late Christmas party. She first went to Minami Alps city to pick up her Russian friend and her son.  They headed for Shimosuwa, not to my parents’ but to their friend’s house.  She is an Ukrainian living with her Japanese husband and their two boys.  Another Ukrainian came with her daughter.  So there were four ladies, three boys, and one daughter. The Japanese husband was helping the party, cutting woods for the fireplace, bringing wines, etc, according to Katya. When she came home, after leaving her Russian friend back in Minami Alps, Katya … Continue reading

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Our Russian Christmas Day

Today is Russian Orthodox Christmas.  We woke up and exchanged presents. I gave Katya an Adidas digital watch. Katya likes watches and Adidas, but she never had an Adidas watch.  Plus, this is her first digital watch.  I think I made a right choice. Katya gave me a pair of casual winter pants. They are light and warm.  I needed ones! I happily left home for work. I came back home for lunch.  After lunch, Katya and Maya-san said see you later from the legless chair, both taking a rest. In the evening, Katya went out for her English teaching.  Maya-san was left alone on the day of Russian Christmas, … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve – Sort of

Katya is Orthodox, whose Christmas is January 7th, and I am not Christian.  Besides, today is not a holiday in Japan. It was (officially) the last day before the holidays in our institute, so all the members, professors, researchers, students, and office workers, cleaned rooms, buildings, yards, parking lots, and so on.  This is the common way of ending a year in offices in Japan after the Year-End party. For dinner, Katya made Borscht. She used Sauerkraut for the first time in Japan. Katya did not care about Borscht, but she said she felt like making it on a winter day like today. My colleague brought us a typical Hawaiian … Continue reading

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