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Katya and I made dinner together

This evening, Katya worked till 7:30 PM and I, 8 PM.  We made dinner together. Katya made bean starch vermicelli with pork and bean sprouts. I cooked dumplings bought from “Pal System“.  It was a big dinner. We often cook Chinese dishes.

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Pal System

Our apartment is located in a convenient place to live in.  We have two convenience stores, a small grocery store, and two drug stores in a walking distance.  We can go to a supermarket on bike, in front of which is Gusto. However, we order foods and groceries using a delivery system called “Pal System”.  They deliver stuffs and catalogs on Monday morning, and pick our order sheet.  Therefore, on weekends, we decide what to order. We find interesting and novel things in catalogs, and the qualities are normally good and fare.

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