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The last day in France

In the morning, I had the last breakfast in the hotel. I packed up everything and left the hotel. I took the same bus to the university. T This morning, there was a final defense of a PhD student. I joined it and listen to him. Very intelligent he was! At the end of the last two visits to Poitiers, I took early trains to Paris to enjoy a walk. This time, because of this defense, I decided to stay in Poitiers in the morning. The questions and answers started and continued. I sneaked out from the auditorium at 11:30 AM.    A French colleague took me to the station. … Continue reading

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Millionaire in France

The plane left Narita at 10 PM just for Paris. In the plane, I was practicing French grammar using a small textbook I used during my university days. We arrived at Charles de Gaulle Airport at 4 AM.  The temperature became lowered to 16 degree C; I had to change my shorts to jeans.    No shops were open then.  The students were tired and hungry. At 6 AM, shops started to open, and I bought quiches for them, the first quiches in their lives. The TGV left the airport at 7:40 AM for Bordeaux. Students fell asleep. On the way to Poitiers, I received a call from Japan from a … Continue reading

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Future business trips and evening tennis

It was decided that on June 20 and 21, I will go to Kyoto on a business trip. From September 5 to 10, I will go to Poitiers, France, in order to take two students to the university there.  They will carry out experiments and will come back on June 30th. On September 9, I hope to stay in Paris for half a day, but it could be difficult. Poitiers is a beautiful place, but I prefer Paris.  I love simply sitting on a street in front of a cafe and  reading a news paper normally International Herald Tribune. This evening, we joined the tennis class.  Katya was working late … Continue reading

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